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Aaron Spears  /  Full Lessons
What’s Better: Drum Chops Or Groove?
It's the eternal question: should drummers be fast, complex players, or simple groovers? Aaron Spears shows you how to balance both.

Steve Smith  /  Full Lessons
Steve Smith’s Journey To Rock Drummer Stardom
Steve Smith, drummer of Vital Information and former drummer of Journey, breaks down legendary drum parts and talks about Indian rhythms.

Dennis Chambers  /  Full Lessons
Free Funk Drumming Masterclass With Dennis Chambers
Dennis Chambers has drummed for some of the biggest names in funk music and beyond. Watch and learn from one of the greats!

Greyson Nekrutman  /  Full Lessons
How To Drum Like Buddy Rich
Learn how to play Buddy Rich's famous one-handed roll and more in this Big Band lesson from Greyson Nekrutman.

Simon Phillips  /  Full Lessons
Simon Phillips’ Tips To Be A Better Sounding Drummer
Learn how to be a better-sounding drummer with these legendary tips from prolific drummer/producer Simon Phillips.

Hannah Welton  /  Full Lessons
What Hannah Welton Learned Drumming With Prince
Prince's former drummer shares stories about Prince, tips she learned from working with him, and more.

Emmanuelle Caplette  /  Full Lessons
Emmanuelle Caplette Makes Rudiments Fun
Emmanuelle Caplette will make you see rudiments in ways you never thought to before! Ready to overhaul your drumming?

Ryan Van Poederooyen  /  Full Lessons
This Exercise Will Help You Learn Odd Time Drumming
If you're new to playing in odd time, this one exercise will make it much easier to get used to playing in 5, 7, 9, and more.

Jack Thomas  /  Full Lessons
Developing Your Weaker Hand
Weak no more! Learn how to develop your non-dominant hand from an amazing drummer who literally had no other option.

Domino Santantonio  /  Full Lessons
The 21st Century Pop Drummer
Domino Santantonio has blown up on social media with her catchy covers. Learn how to be a modern pop drummer in this full lesson!

Rob Brown  /  Full Lessons
Improve Your Pocket Overnight
Rob 'Beatdown' Brown teaches you how to play in the pocket and how to make smarter decisions as a working drummer.

Randy Cooke  /  Drum Beats
How To Turn One Rock Beat Into 30 Beats (Full Course)
In this full course, Randy Cooke teaches you how to get way more bang for your buck from every beat you learn.

Heather Thomas  /  Drum Fills
7 Steps To Better Drum Fills
Drummer and singer-songwriter, Heather Thomas breaks down the simplest and most melodic way to write drum fills.

Glen Sobel  /  Full Lessons
The Secret To The Perfect Arena Rock Snare Sound
Did you know you can get Alice Cooper's epic snare sound without changing your gear? Check out this full lesson with Glen Sobel!

Alex Rudinger  /  Full Lessons
Mental Health For Modern Drummers
Ever dealt with anxiety or depression, or know what it's like to be hard on yourself? Don't miss this lesson with Alex Rudinger.

Dorothea Taylor  /  Full Lessons
Why Paradiddles Are So Important
Dorothea Taylor - aka 'The Godmother of Drumming' - explains why paradiddles are important and shows how to make practicing them fun.

Stephane Chamberland  /  Drum Fills
How To Build Tastier Drum Fills
Stephane Chamberland shows you tips for stick control and ghost notes, how to build cool fills with rolls, and much more.

Daru Jones  /  Full Lessons
Creating Your Own Identity On The Drums with Daru Jones
Known for his individual style - both musically and in terms of his setup - Daru has found success across multiple genres as a session drummer. Here's how!

David Raouf  /  Full Lessons
25 Drum Hacks Anyone Can Do
David Raouf, aka rdavidr on YouTube, is here to give you 25 drum hacks you can try yourself!

Larnell Lewis  /  Drum Fills
How To Build Epic, Kick-Driven Fills
In this incredible lesson, Larnell Lewis demonstrates how to build epic, killer fills powered by the kick drum.

Raghav Mehrotra  /  Drum Beats
How To Create Modern Grooves
Raghav Mehrotra explains what makes a groove 'modern' and how layered rhythms and elastic timefeel are critical concepts.

Gil Sharone  /  Full Lessons
Why Modern Drummers Should Still Use Old School Techniques
Gil Sharone shows how modern drummers can - and should - apply classic drum techniques to any style of music.

Gregg Bissonette  /  Full Lessons
How Learning Jazz, Rock & Reggae Will Supercharge Your Drumming
Learn how skills transcend genres with Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Roth, Ringo Starr), one of today's most versatile drummers.

Juan Mendoza  /  Full Lessons
11 Ways To Make Rudiments Fun
In this video lesson, you'll learn 11 ways to adapt each rudiment to the drum set in a creative way.

Rashid Williams  /  Full Lessons
How To Be A Tighter Drummer
If you want to take your drumming and sound to the next level, this lesson will show you exactly how to polish your playing.

Steve Lyman  /  Full Lessons
The Jazz Drum Soloing Formula
Steve Lyman reveals his four-part formula for writing jazz drumming solos that tell stories and draw people in.

Keith Carlock  /  Full Lessons
How To Make Your Drum Solos More Interesting
Keith Carlock, best known for his work with Steely Dan, Toto, and other legendary acts, shows you how to make your solos more interesting with modulation and more.

Dom Famularo  /  Full Lessons
8 Steps To Maximize Your Drumming Practice
Learn how to be a good student and ask your teacher the right questions, plus how to get the most out of your practice time.

Tony Coleman  /  Full Lessons
Authentic Blues Drumming
B.B. King's drummer, Tony Coleman shares what it means to play the blues 'authentically' and how to spice up your shuffles.

Taylor Gordon  /  Full Lessons
Developing Your Own Pocket
Taylor Gordon (thepocketqueen) talks about what it means to be 'in the pocket', how she builds grooves, and how beginner drummers can improve their pocket.

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