Larnell Lewis  /  Featured Lessons

How To Build Epic, Kick-Driven Fills

Jared Falk  /  Quick Tips
8 Tips For Playing Electronic Drums
Here are some things to consider if you're new to electronic drums.

Larnell Lewis  /  Quick Tips
Larnell’s Trick To Fast Feet
Larnell Lewis's amazing foot technique allows him to play doubles and triples with ease. What's the secret to his incredible control?

Gregg Bissonette  /  Quick Tips
How Quickly Can You Learn A Song?
This is why sight reading is so important. Watch Gregg Bissonette as he shows you why certain skills are must-haves.

Dorothea Taylor  /  Featured Lessons
Why Paradiddles Are So Important
Dorothea Taylor - aka 'The Godmother of Drumming' - explains why paradiddles are important and shows how to make practicing them fun.

Reuben Spyker  /  Quick Tips
How To Get 30 Snare Sounds Without A Drum Key
How many sounds can you get from just one drum? Reuben Spyker proves that there are at least 30 hidden in your snare drum.

Glen Sobel  /  Quick Tips
How To Twirl Your Drumsticks
Want to have more showmanship as a drummer? Glen Sobel will teach you how to incorporate stick twirls into grooves.

Jared Falk  /  Quick Tips
Are You An Intermediate Drummer?
Here are a few ways to know if you're an intermediate drummer (and some tips for getting there).

Gregg Bissonette  /  Performances
The Most Dynamic Solo We’ve Seen
If you ever wanted to see someone break out almost every style in the book, check out Gregg Bissonette's dynamic solo!

Stephane Chamberland  /  Featured Lessons
How To Build Tastier Drum Fills
Stephane Chamberland shows you tips for stick control and ghost notes, how to build cool fills with rolls, and much more.

Ash Pearson  /  Quick Tips
3 Metal Double Kick Beats For Beginners
Every beginner metal drummer should know these three beats!

Larnell Lewis  /  Quick Tips
Add Delay To Your Drums With The Yamaha EAD10
Watch how Larnell Lewis adds delay to his drums with the EAD10!

Heather Thomas  /  Videos
Improve Your Weaker Hand In 30 Minutes
Want to improve your sticking consistency and strengthen your non-dominant hand? Play along with this video.

Gregg Bissonette  /  Quick Tips
What Makes Ringo Starr So Great
Why is Ringo Starr so great? Why all the hype? Gregg Bissonette shares 4+ reasons.

Larnell Lewis  /  Performances
This Drummer Sounds Like 10 Drummers
Watch Larnell Lewis build a loop, adding more layers and effects until it sounds like ten drummers!

Gregg Bissonette  /  Quick Tips
Try This Four Limb Coordination Exercise
Gregg Bissonette calls it a 'four limb single stroke roll', which involves two and four limb coordination. It can be difficult at first - try it yourself!

Dom Famularo  /  Videos
Every Drummer Needs These 5 Drum Books
If you don't have these drum books, can you even call yourself a drummer? Of course...but they could help you get to the next level!

Daru Jones  /  Featured Lessons
Creating Your Own Identity On The Drums with Daru Jones
Known for his truly individual style - both musically and in terms of his setup - Daru has found success across multiple genres as a session drummer. Here's how!

Brandon Toews  /  Quick Tips
101 Drumming Styles In 10 Minutes
Have you ever seen one drummer play over 100 drumming styles? Well, Brandon can play every style in the book.

Jared Falk  /  Quick Tips
5 Beats That Drummers Struggle To Play
What drum beats are equally difficult for all skill levels? Here are five that most drummers struggle to play.

David Raouf  /  Featured Lessons
25 Drum Hacks Anyone Can Do
David Raouf, aka rdavidr on YouTube, is here to give you 25 drum hacks you can try yourself!

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