Rashid Williams  /  Featured Lessons

How To Be A Tighter Drummer

BabyBoyDrummer  /  Performances
BabyBoyDrummer Covers “September” By Earth,
Wind & Fire

Watch BabyBoyDrummer cover "September" by Earth, Wind & Fire! He's the youngest drummer we've ever had on Drumeo.

Reuben Spyker  /  Performances
The World Is Your Drum Kit
A flyswatter on the backbeat? A pill bottle as a shaker? Watch Reuben Spyker uses creative techniques and sound sources to write a really cool song.

Carson Gant  /  Videos
This Show Will Get Your Kids To Love Drumming
In the first episode of "The Rhythmic Adventures of Captain Carson", Carson Gant and friends show preschoolers why rhythm is awesome.

Carson Gant  /  Quick Tips
5 Ways To Inspire
Kids To Play Music

Here are 5 positive ways parents can introduce kids to music (and maybe even inspire an interest in the drums).

Jared Falk  /  Videos
How To Set Up A Studio To Create Drum Content
This all-in-one content creator pack is perfect for drummers who want to instantly set up a solid home studio for drum videos.

Rashid Williams  /  Featured Lessons
How To Be A Tighter Drummer
If you want to take your drumming and sound to the next level, this lesson will show you exactly how to polish your playing.

Keith Carlock  /  Quick Tips
Keith Carlock’s Signature Lick
Keith Carlock breaks down his favorite lick. It's actually really simple and can be adapted for solos, fills, and more.

Steve Lyman  /  Featured Lessons
The Jazz Drum Soloing Formula
Steve Lyman reveals his four-part formula for writing jazz drumming solos that tell stories and draw people in.

Jared Falk  /  Quick Tips
4 Drum Warm-ups For Beginners
Are you a beginner? Try these four rudiment-based warm-ups on the drum set.

Keith Carlock  /  Performances
This 10-Minute Drum Solo Is Wild
Watch 10 minutes of Keith Carlock, the master of building incredible and dynamic drum solos that keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Steve Lyman  /  Quick Tips
Steal These 5 Iconic Jazz Licks
Steve Lyman walks you through five iconic licks from some of the greatest jazz drummers of all time!

David Frank  /  Quick Tips
This Fill Can Be Your Secret Sauce
All of David Frank's TikTok videos have a touch of that secret sauce. Here's one fill that can be yours, too.

Michael Schack  /  Quick Tips
How To Make A Killer Instagram Video
These 6 tips will make your Instagram drum videos impossible to ignore.

Aaron Edgar  /  Quick Tips
How To Play “Jambi” By Tool
Polyrhythms aren't just for advanced drummers! In this video, you'll learn to nail the main pattern in "Jambi" in four steps.

Keith Carlock  /  Featured Lessons
How To Make Your Drum Solos More Interesting
Keith Carlock, best known for his work with Steely Dan, Toto, and other legendary acts, shows you how to make your solos more interesting with modulation and more.

Stan Bicknell  /  Performances
This Single Pedal Sounds Like A Double Pedal (Drum Solo)
In this solo, Stan Bicknell proves that you don't need to be a metal drummer to do speedy bass drum quads.

Aaron Edgar  /  Quick Tips
How To Play “Invincible” by Tool
In this video, we break down the 7 over 3 polyrhythm from "Invincible" off Tool's long-awaited new album, Fear Inoculum.

Rashid Williams  /  Quick Tips
3 Steps To Learn Any Song By Ear
Watch this video to see how Rashid Williams was able to learn a new song and write the drum part in just 15 minutes!

Senri Kawaguchi  /  Performances
Senri Kawaguchi/Sarah Thawer Drum Off
What's better than one awesome drummer? Two awesome drummers! Check out this drum duet featuring Senri Kawaguchi and Sarah Thawer.

Dom Famularo  /  Quick Tips
How To Play Fast Double Bass Patterns
If you want to be able to play fast when you need to, learn to play with your feet what you play with your hands.

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