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Slipknot’s New Drummer is Eloy Casagrande

Drumeo Team  /  Apr 26, 2024

Slipknot has finally confirmed that their new drummer of Slipknot is Eloy Casagrande, tagging him in an Instagram photo of the band’s 2024 lineup.

However, fans already long suspected this was the case based on a number of hints, like Eloy leaving Sepultura, a broken Promark drumstick, and a phone video of Slipknot’s first show with their new drummer’s tattoos clearly visible.

El Estepario was right.

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When Sepultura announced that Eloy had suddenly stepped down to pursue a career with another project right before the band’s final tour, the internet was ablaze with speculation.

Why would he step down from his band of 13 years to “pursue a career with another project” just days before starting a run of farewell tours?

If you aren’t familiar with the mighty Brazilian master, here’s the 411.

Who is Eloy Casagrande?

Born in 1991 in Brazil, Eloy Casagrande has been playing drums since childhood, emerging quickly as a teen prodigy and winning drum contests like Modern Drummer’s Undiscovered Drummer Contest in 2006 at the age of 15.

In 2011, Eloy joined Sepultura, one of the biggest metal bands in South America. With huge shoes to fill, his 13 years in the band took him around the world and thrust him onto the international stage.

Already established in the drumming community, Eloy’s new position gave him the exposure to reach metal fans worldwide, more than proving his worth in Sepultura.

These diehard fans now consider him part of the Sepultura family, which is why it was such a shock when the band announced Eloy’s departure – a move that apparently came as a surprise to the band as well.

Eloy has played with other artists like Andre Matos, Gloria and Iahweh, and has his own duo, Casagrande & Hanysz.

Is Eloy a good fit for Slipknot?

There are many reasons why the former Sepultura stickmaster will fit in well with Slipknot. A technical speed demon who can easily play the parts created by Joey Jordison and Jay Weinberg, Eloy plays with passion and energy – attributes that are arguably even more important to bring to the kit in Slipknot.

He’s already used to being in the spotlight and embarking on an intense touring schedule, so coming into a busy band is nothing new. Eloy has a great attitude and is a genuine, humble guy – all traits that should make him easy to work with and an easygoing addition to the lineup.

What happened to Slipknot’s last drummer?

Jay Weinberg held the coveted position from 2014 until 2023 when he was dismissed from Slipknot for reasons the band hasn’t publicized – although Jay made a statement saying this caught him totally off guard.

jay weinberg slipknot
(Credit: Anthony Scanga)

But Jay took it in stride, taking care of his health before jumping into tour dates with supergroup Infectious Grooves and replacing Greyson Nekrutman in Suicidal Tendencies.

Talk about two degrees of separation in the drumming world:

  • Jay Weinberg departed Slipknot and joined Suicidal Tendencies
  • Greyson Nekrutman left Suicidal Tendencies and joined Sepultura
  • Eloy Casagrande left Sepultura and joined Slipknot

Watch Eloy Casagrande play “The Heretic Anthem” by Slipknot

In case you aren’t familiar with Eloy’s drumming or aren’t sure how he’ll fare playing parts forged hellishly by Joey Jordison and Jay Weinberg, here he is covering “The Heretic Anthem” a few years ago:

Eloy Casagrande’s drumming style is tight, heavy and feverish, and he’ll bring the energy Slipknot fans expect behind the kit – maybe even a throwback to Joey Jordison’s original spirit. We’re stoked to see where he takes the next record!

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