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Introduce your kids to
drumming through
entertaining shows.

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Starts Here

Your kids will experience different styles
of music through fun characters and stories.

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Every episode highlights a different genre of music —
introducing your kids to rock, blues, hip hop, reggae,
disco, country, salsa, funk, & more.

Clap Along To
Fun Rhythms

We all have rhythm inside of us — and these entertaining
shows were designed to get kids clapping along and
boot-chick-cattin’ away to real drum beats.

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clap icon Clap-Attack
...clapping to various rhythms.

bass drum icon "Boot-Chick-Cat"
...vocally to real drum beats.

party icon Dance Party
...with their favorite characters.

Take Drumming
Everywhere You Go

Stream or download every episode
from the “Drumeo Kids” app.

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Inside the Drumeo Kids app, every episode
can be streamed or downloaded — perfect for
morning shows, road trip entertainment, or
wherever your kids have time to clap and dance!

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Drumeo Members: You already have full access to every episode inside Drumeo. If you’d prefer the Drumeo Kids app experience, you’ll need to download this app and add episodes separately.