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Practice anywhere with
two full-size playing surfaces.

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Limited Time COLORBURST Series

5 different color QuietPads to choose from below:

One traditional side.
One quiet side.

The portable, double-sided practice pad
with different volumes so you can
practice late into the night.
Traditional Surface

Durable. Realistic. Portable. The blue side offers a 12” playing surface, snare-like rebound, and everything you’d expect for every day practice. (You’ll love the hand-assembled quality.)

Quiet Surface

Shhhhhh. Avoid the tap-tappidy-tap complaints with our quiet side, up to 50% quieter than traditional pads and ideal for developing strength, endurance, and control. (You’ll love the way it feels.)

Your pad,
your personality.

Express yourself with 5 different color QuietPads (for a limited time only).

Drum sticks and practice pad stand not included.

13,995 Drummers
Use The QuietPad.

Here's what they're saying...

"I love using my QuietPad when I’m on the road or outside while enjoying the sun – it’s great to practice without disturbing anyone haha!"

Domino Santantonio
Content Creator | 1.7M TikTok Followers

"With this pad, I have both the surfaces I need to practice my speed and endurance for my videos. Sometimes, I use the quiet side to mute my snare hits when I’m working on a difficult pattern – it works perfectly!"

El Estepario Siberiano
Content Creator | 920M YouTube Views

  • "I actually have two of these now and one stays at work for lunchtime practice sessions and one stays at home for late night rudiments. My wife works early shift patterns and goes to bed earlier in the evening and the quiet foam side is an ideal way to practice without disturbing her. I have also not had any complaints from my work colleagues when I sit quietly to one side and practice various sticking exercises at lunchtime."

    Anthony S.


  • "The blue surface is a classic rubber pad surface that allows the stick to bounce well. Here you can practice great doubles etc. I like to use the other side, which is colored black and has a slightly more impact-absorbing surface. More force has to be used here, which is great for training strength and endurance in the forearms. In addition, this is the special \"quiet\" surface, which is actually significantly quieter when touched. This means I can easily do my exercises in the next room without disturbing other roommates in the apartment."



  • "With this practice pad I can practice whenever I want without disturbing others, even if it's the middle of the night. The blue side feels and sounds like a normal pad, the black side is quiet and has a bit less rebound. I enjoy using this, but most of all I'm glad that I can pick it up whenever I want to without having to think about what time it is."



Limited Time COLORBURST Series

Select your color below:

Only $40 $32 (Save 20%)


Drum sticks and practice pad stand not included.

“I love my Drumeo QuietPad because of the two distinct surfaces. One trains you to play softer and with great stick control, and the other side allows the real feel of a nice pad or tightened snare head.”
Dorothea Taylor

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