Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett: Leading Drum Grooves With Your Foot

Jonathan Moffett  /  Featured Lessons / Jul 16

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Jonathan Moffett was nicknamed “Sugarfoot” by Michael Jackson because of the quick speed and complex patterns he was able to pull off with his bass drum foot. With a nickname like that, it seemed natural to focus Jonathan’s first ever Drumeo appearance on his bass-drum foot – so in this lesson, Jonathan is going to teach you how to create grooves using the back beat as a foundation. He also talks about his memories of working with Michael Jackson, how he got started in the music business, where the nickname “Sugarfoot” came from, and much more!

Lesson Index:
0:40 – “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin” by Michael Jackson
6:00 – Drum Solo
7:30 – Introduction
10:35 – “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson
16:00 – Where did the nickname “Sugarfoot” come from?
23:16 – Jonathan’s foot technique (mental/physical aspects)
42:38 – Drum Solo #2
51:10 – Jonathan’s approach to writing drum parts
56:23 – Jonathan’s tips for beginner/intermediate drummers
1:02:30 – Q & A!
1:09:28 – Drum Solo #3
1:18:13 – “Jam” by Michael Jackson

About Jonathan:
Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett has recorded and/or toured with some of the greatest pop artists of our time, including Elton John, Janet Jackson, The Jacksons, Cameo, Lionel Richie, George Michael, Kenny G, Doug Miller, Peter Cetera, Bill Meyers, and Cirque du Soleil, besides guest appearing at popular television shows like The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, Saturday Night Live, and The Arsenio Hall Show.

Among his biggest musical feats, none come close to his extensive work with the all-time greatest pop artists of the last 100 years: Madonna and Michael Jackson. Jonathan toured extensively with Madonna and recorded drums for several of her albums, including “True Blue” and “Like A Prayer”. As for the king of pop himself, Jonathan was his drummer for The Destiny Tour, Triumph Tour, Victory Tour, 1988 Grammy Awards with Michael, HIStory Tour, Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration, This Is It, & Cirque’s Immortal World Tour.

Jonathan Plays:
DW Drums
Remo Drumheads
Roland Drums
Audix Mics

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