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Drumeo Team  /  Songs
The 10 Hardest Drumming Songs
These are some of the hardest drumming songs to learn - and some may surprise you.

Dan Kavanagh  /  Songs
The 50 Best Drum Songs Of All Time
These are the songs with memorable parts every drummer should know.

Chad Smith  /  Tutorials & Transcriptions
How To Play “Californication” By The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Red Hot Chili Peppers' drummer, Chad Smith shows you how to play "Californication" the right way.

Brandon Toews  /  Performances & Playalongs
Drumming To Every Foo Fighters Song Ever (183 Songs)
In this ultimate tribute, one drummer plays all 183 Foo Fighters songs in a one-take medley.

Gregg Bissonette  /  Drum Beats
Gregg Bissonette’s 13 Favorite Drum Parts
Gregg Bissonette has worked with everyone from David Lee Roth to Ringo Starr. Here are his favorite drum parts!

Drumeo Team  /  Drum Beats
How To Make Beats (For Beginners)
Learn how to make beats and what tools to use if you're an aspiring producer, songwriter or drummer.

Hannah Welton  /  Drum Beats
The 10 Best Funk Beats Of All Time
Follow along with Hannah Welton (Prince) as she goes through the top 10 funk beats every drummer should know.

Nic Collins  /  Full Lessons
The Beats Of Genesis: Nic Collins Breaks Down His Dad’s Grooves
Nic Collins, son of legendary drummer Phil Collins, teaches the grooves of Genesis in this free hour-long video lesson.

Travis Barker  /  Hand Technique
Travis Barker’s Favorite Warm-Up (Hint: It’s Rudiments)
Now's your chance to steal Travis Barker's warm-up routine - even if you aren't preparing to play with blink-182.

ZackGrooves  /  Hand Technique
10x Your Drum Chops With This Free 10-Minute Paradiddle Workout
If you want to be able to groove (and shred) like the world's best drummers, try this daily drum-along workout with ZackGrooves.

Evan Chapman  /  Health
5 Tips To Overcome Stage Fright
Stage fright stopping you from living your dreams? Try some of these research-supported techniques to curb your performance anxiety.

Kaz Rodriguez  /  Full Lessons
How To Practice To Drumless Loops
Kaz Rodriguez's drumless tracks are used by pro drummers around the world. He shares how and why to jam to loops.

Brandon Toews  /  Drummers
Jimmy Sullivan (The Rev) Was A Drumming Genius: Here’s Why
Avenged Sevenfold's original drummer, The Rev, is still one of metal's most influential figures. Get the 411 on Jimmy Sullivan here.

Drumeo Team  /  Drummers
The Winners Of The 2023 Drumeo Awards
Drumroll, please: here are the winners of the 2023 Drumeo Awards!

Gregg Bissonette  /  Drum Beats
Gregg Bissonette’s 13 Favorite Drum Parts
Gregg Bissonette has worked with everyone from David Lee Roth to Ringo Starr. Here are his favorite drum parts!

Mike Portnoy  /  Full Lessons
Mike Portnoy Rejoins Dream Theater: The Full Interview
In Mike Portnoy's first on-camera interview since rejoining Dream Theater, find out how he got his gig back and more.

Drumeo Team  /  Gear
The Parts Of A Drum Set
Learn the names of the most popular parts of the drum set and what each piece is for.

Drumeo Team  /  Gear
The 10 Best Cameras For YouTube Videos (From Cheap To $$$)
If you're making drum content, check out these 10 popular cameras ranging from $173 to $3900.

Samantha Landa  /  Gear
Where To Get Instrument Insurance
Did you know your home and car insurance probably doesn't cover your instruments?

Drumeo Team  /  Gear
Acoustic Vs. Electronic Drums: What’s Better?
Acoustic drums or electronic drums? We stacked up the pros and cons so you don't have to.

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