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Multi-instrumentalist Heather Thomas is a pro at writing melodic drum parts, and in this lesson she’ll show you a simple method for writing fills that stay within the groove so you don’t lose momentum.

On top of this, she shares tips on trusting your instincts, how to listen better, and much more. Check it out!

Lesson Outline:
0:00 – SONG: “When I Was Young” by Heather Thomas
3:42 – Introduction
6:10 – “People In Places” by Heather Thomas
9:45 – How to incorporate fills into the groove
11:34 – Step 1: Establish a pocket
13:24 – Step 2: Establish the fill
15:41 – Step 3: Play it over and over
16:30 – Step 4: Isolate the fill
22:31 – Step 5: Break it down
25:56 – Step 6: Explore options around the kit
27:43 – Step 7: Make it groove
36:05 – Final tips
38:48 – “Open Up” by Heather Thomas

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About Heather:
Heather Thomas is a multi-instrumentalist known primarily as a drummer and singer. She is an experienced studio and live musician who has traveled the world performing as the drummer for Grammy-nominated singer, Mary Lambert, and as part of opening acts for artists like Sam Smith, Ariana Grande and Pharrell. Besides her work as a side woman, Heather has found great success as the leader for The Heather Thomas Band and a member of the psychedelic project, General Mojo’s.

Heather Plays:
Allegra Custom Drums

Follow Heather:

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