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foot anywhere.

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Never skip leg day.

Drummers are notorious for it.

You focus on developing fast hands but your feet remain slow & inconsistent – and who can blame you?

Bass drum workouts are loud (bass cuts through the walls), not very musical (*thud*), and expensive – wearing out a bass drum head can cost you $50+! And the only bass drum practice pads available are either way too expensive OR poorly designed – most creep forward worse than a drummers backbeat after a cup of coffee.

The Drumeo Quietkick gives you a portable & convenient way to develop your kick foot anywhere – so you can start pounding out smooth & powerful doubles every time you sit at the kit.

Foot workouts on the fly.

quietkick double pedal
Single OR double kick.

Yup, your double pedal works too. An extra beater turns your QuietKick into the ultimate double-kick workout station. (Extra beater sold separately.)

quietkick in library
Practice anywhere.

A hotel, the park, or maybe just a new spot in your house. The QuietKick allows you to practice anywhere – and that means your foot will never hold you back again.

quietkick pedal
Feels like a bass drum.

The Drumeo QuietKick replicates the action & feel of playing a real bass drum. That makes your transition from pad to kit seamless.

How it works


quietkick icon

Swap out your existing beater with the included reverse-angle beater. This directs your kick motion downward – creating a quieter practice rig with little-to-no creeping across the floor.


kick icon

Now attach your QuietKick to your kick pedal the same way you would any bass drum. Just slide the unit under your pedal and clamp down until it’s secure.


pad icon

And finally, choose your strike pad. You’ll get one long-lasting strike pads + 2 ultra-quiet strike pads included with your QuietKick. And that’s it! You’re off to the races.

Finally, a practice pad
for your feet.

(Kick pedal not included)

The QuietKick includes everything you need to start working out your foot. You’ll get three strike pads, one QuietKick unit, and one reverse-angle beater (with the option to add a second beater if you play double-kick).

QuietKick Frame 1
Reverse Angle Beater
(optional second)
Ultra-Quiet Strike Pads 2
Long-Lasting Strike Pad 1
quietkick logo

Improve your kick foot anywhere.

Bass drum pedal not included.

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