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El Estepario Siberiano  /  Foot Technique
More Secrets To Fast Feet With El Estepario Siberiano (Part 2)
Steal El Estepario Siberiano's secrets to faster feet with these 6 exercises.

El Estepario Siberiano  /  Foot Technique
4 Secrets To Fast Feet With El Estepario (Part 1)
Want fast feet like El Estepario? He shares the 'secret' practice routine that helped him get to where he is today.

Kyle Radomsky  /  Foot Technique
The 5-Minute Bass Drum Practice Pad Warmup
This 5-minute bass drum warmup will help you achieve better control with your bass drum foot.

Rashid Williams  /  Foot Technique
How To Play Triples On A Single Pedal
In this quick video, Rashid Williams shows you how to get a single pedal to sound like a double pedal.

Aaron Edgar  /  Foot Technique
Use ‘Groove Glue’ To Anchor Your Playing
Whether it's your left foot or right hand, a rock solid groove foundation will help you take your drumming to the next level.

Russ Miller  /  Foot Technique
Triple Your Foot Speed In One Day
How do pro drummers play quick foot patterns so easily? Here's the trick to getting total control.

Larnell Lewis  /  Foot Technique
Larnell’s Trick To Fast Feet
Larnell Lewis's amazing foot technique allows him to play doubles and triples with ease. What's the secret to his incredible control?

Larnell Lewis  /  Drum Fills
How To Build Epic, Kick-Driven Fills
In this incredible lesson, Larnell Lewis demonstrates how to build epic, killer fills powered by the kick drum.

Dom Famularo  /  Foot Technique
How To Play Fast Double Bass Patterns
If you want to be able to play fast when you need to, learn to play with your feet what you play with your hands.

Stan Bicknell  /  Foot Technique
How To Play A Single Pedal Quad
Four-note groupings on a single kick pedal isn't a topic that's normally covered in drumming. Once we get past three notes, we tend to start venturing into double kick pedal territory...

Stan Bicknell  /  Foot Technique
How To Build A Better, Stronger, & Faster Single Kick
Forget about double kick pedals! Let Stan Bicknell show you five grooves that can help you increase your single kick speed.

Ash Pearson  /  Foot Technique
The Double Bass Drum Pyramid
The rhythmic scale is a great way to work on your ability to move between different note values while improving your general control and coordination on the kit.

Gene Hoglan  /  Foot Technique
Gene Hoglan’s Double Slap Technique
Gene Hoglan is best known among drummers for his blazing kick drum speed and endurance, so when he gave us a visit we just had to pick his brain and learn some cool techniques he applies behind the kit. In this lesson, Gene will teach you how to play fast three-note flurries on the double […]

Siemy Di  /  Foot Technique
Left Foot Challenges For Intermediate Drummers
Siemy Di will further challenge your left-foot independence by having you learn three new beats that make ample use of the left foot.

Siemy Di  /  Foot Technique
Left Foot Challenges For Beginner Drummers
As a beginner drummer, don't neglect your left foot! Try these challenges taught by Siemy Di.

Senri Kawaguchi  /  Foot Technique
How To Play With More Power On The Drums (Feet Edition)
It can be hard to play loud bass drum strokes if you’re a small drummer! To combat this, Senri focused extensively on making sure she’s able to get as much volume as she wants from the bass drum throughout her years of playing – and she’s here to pass on her findings to you in […]

Gavin Harrison  /  Foot Technique
Gavin Harrison’s Bass Drum Exercise
Speed is usually the top quality people are looking for with their bass drum, but articulation and coordination are just as important! Thankfully Gavin Harrison’s got you covered. The basic concept of this exercise is picking a common bass drum pattern and playing rudiments, leading with your weak hand, over top. This exercise focuses on […]

Siemy Di  /  Foot Technique
Creative Exploration With The Left Foot
Download the sheet music » The left foot is often used for keeping time while other patterns are played around the kit. Although this is important to work on and develop properly, there is much more that can be done with the left foot… Especially when it comes to enhancing your musicality! In this lesson […]

Dave Atkinson  /  Foot Technique
Beginner’s Bass Drum Boot Camp
This drumming 'workout' video will help any beginner drummer develop a faster and more controlled bass drum foot.

Derek Roddy  /  Foot Technique
Derek Roddy’s Double Bass Technique
Derek Roddy is one of the quickest speed metal players in the business, so getting him to breakdown his double bass technique for us was one of our top priorities when he came out to our studio. He discusses the main muscles he engages, his foot positioning, and other tips to help you achieve those […]

Jared Falk  /  Foot Technique
Fastest Way To Get Faster #7: The Main Foot Killer
Get The Full Series! » Download the Sheet Music » Simply playing fast isn’t enough, but it all comes together when you add control. So let’s get your main foot ready for a battle of double-stroke madness that will help you alternate between your lead hand and your main foot for controlled double strokes. (This […]

Derek Roddy  /  Foot Technique
One Exercise To Develop Foot Speed
Click Here for the Sheet Music » Derek Roddy’s here to teach you how to develop foot speed by using blast beats while alternating your feet! The usual advice with building speed is to start slow and work your way up, but Derek recommends starting around the peak of your comfort zone and keep pushing […]

Sean Lang  /  Foot Technique
Double Bass Foot Assignment
Start Your FREE Drumeo Trial! Click here for the MP3 tracks » Shake up your practice routine with this double bass practice loop! Not only will it help strengthen your left foot, but it will also increase your overall limb independence and get you comfortable leading your double bass drum runs with your left foot. […]

Eric Moore  /  Foot Technique
One Simple Exercise To Better Your Single Pedal Speed
Start Your Free Drumeo Trial Click here for the sheet music A lot of drum lessons tend to focus on hand speed and don’t often talk enough about importance of developing fast feet. We believe that with a fast single pedal, it can really take your playing from intermediate to advanced. Chances are your hands […]

Ash Pearson  /  Foot Technique
How To Develop Control & Dexterity On Double Bass
Get faster and tighter on the double pedals!

Aaron Edgar  /  Drum Beats
Easy Double Bass Grooves That Sound Hard
The Ultimate Toolbox To Jumpstart Your Drumming ***Click here for the sheet music!*** Aaron Edgar is here today to provide you with a handful of double bass grooves that sound difficult but are actually super simple to play. The great thing is they’re all based around a similar left foot pattern – allowing you to […]

Dave Atkinson  /  Foot Technique
Spice Up Your Drum Beats With The Slide Triplet
As long as you have a double bass pedal, you'll be able to use this concept to easily come up with unique beats and fills around the kit.

Jared Falk  /  Foot Technique
Start Grooving With Your Left Foot On The Hi-Hats!
Click here to download the sheet music >> The Ultimate Online Drum Lessons Experience » Here’s a really fun way to integrate your hi-hat foot into your playing a bit more! You’ll see some of the great jazz drummers doing this, and it’s a unique sound that I think you’ll enjoy. Give it a shot […]

Jared Falk  /  Foot Technique
5-Minute Single Pedal Bass Drum Workout
***CLICK HERE FOR SHEET MUSIC PDF*** Drummers ask me all the time, “how can I gain more speed and control on the bass drum?” So I wanted to give you a routine that I like to use. It only takes 5 minutes a day, and you’ll notice massive improvements in your speed and control. Make […]

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