Left Foot Challenges For Beginner Drummers

Siemi Di  /  Quick Tips / Jul 9

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In this lesson, Siemy Di will challenge your left foot independence and general 4-way coordination with three 8th-note-based beats. For each of these exercises, start with just the feet then slowly introduce each limb.

Let’s kick things off with a drum and bass style ostinato with your feet while your hands add some spice over top in the form of eighth notes and a backbeat on 2 and 4.

This next one is a Middle Eastern inspired rhythm. You’ll be playing the exact same pattern with your hands as you did in the previous exercise, but your feet will be playing something slightly different. Again, focus on the feet first!

Time for some funk! This one is definitely the most challenging of the three.

So… How’d you do? If you’re not used to practicing foot independence, these can definitely be challenging when you’re first starting out. Take your time! If you find these too easy, make sure to check out the intermediate left foot challenges by Siemy.

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