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Simply playing fast isn’t enough, but it all comes together when you add control. So let’s get your main foot ready for a battle of double-stroke madness that will help you alternate between your lead hand and your main foot for controlled double strokes. (This is a valuable tool to have in your toolbox for that next gig or recording session.)

The first exercise starts with groups of four and the pattern is played in 4/4 timing. Next, the pattern is played in 5/4 using 16th note groups of five, and finally we have groups of seven played as 16th notes in 6/4. I’d recommend using a quarter note click and don’t worry too much about the odd times.

Start off by practicing each pattern individually, then practice them in sequence starting with a 60 bpm click track. If you find that is too fast, feel free to slow it down!

Practice each exercise individually for 5 minutes, then play them in sequence for 15 minutes.

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