How To Play A Single Pedal Quad

Stan Bicknell  /  Quick Tips / Feb 8

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Four-note groupings on a single kick pedal isn’t a topic that’s normally covered in drumming. Once we get past three notes, we tend to start venturing into double kick pedal territory.

Today, Stan Bicknell is going to break down his technique for playing four consecutive notes on the bass drum. Spoilers: There’s no special technique that you need to practice for hours and hours to accomplish this. If you have a decent grasp on playing two notes in a row, this is simply a natural extension of those foot motions.

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About Stan:
Stan Bicknell is a very special musician in the world of modern drumming. With over 20 years of experience behind the kit, touring and recording with artists such as Kimbra, The New Caledonia, ECCA VANDAL, and Miami Horror, Stan decided to excuse himself from his very successful life as a touring musician to focus on his family. Without a live audience to play to, he found on Instagram a great outlet for his amazing creativity and need to perform – and with that came a new found success, as he became one of the most popular drummers on social media.

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