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Try This 5 Minute Beginner Drum Warmup

Emmanuelle Caplette  /  UPDATED Oct 23, 2023

Practice along with Emmanuelle Caplette as she goes through this 5 minute beginner drum warmup on the practice pad!

<<Click here to download the PDF sheet music>>

If the tempo is too fast for you, use the video controls to slow it down or set your own metronome to a speed that works for you.

These exercises are great for developing your single strokes and double strokes, as well as basic accents. Once you’ve worked through this warmup, try some of these exercises from the legendary drum book, Stick Control!

And – as always – it’s more fun to practice rudiments along to songs, so enjoy this epic Kaz Rodriguez track (or find one of your own that’s at a good tempo for you).

<<Click here to download the practice track>>

Emmanuelle Caplette kickstarted her incredible drumming career at the age of 9 by joining a drum and bugle corps. In the following years, she earned her stripes by winning various awards and competitions as a snare drummer, playing with various drum corps, and furthering her musical studies. Since then, Emmanuelle has found great success performing with artists such as Stephane Rousseau, Andy Summers and Circa Zero, as well as numerous TV appearances like the Jutra Awards, Broco Show, Belle Et Bum, the Late Show with Seth Meyers, and Sur Invitation Seulement. When it comes to the world of drums, drum festivals are like a second home to Emmanuelle, having performed on incredible stages like Montreal DrumFest and Frankfurt Musikmesse, just to name a select few.

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