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More Secrets To Fast Feet With El Estepario Siberiano (Part 2)

El Estepario Siberiano  /  Apr 28, 2023

Has a friend ever sent you a video of a bearded guy playing drums crazy fast, sometimes with one hand? It’s probably this guy.

El Estepario Siberiano has made a name for himself online with his unbelievable skills (and swag). If you want to steal the practice routine he’s been using for the past decade, watch this video and work on these 6 exercises that build on Part 1 of this crash course.

Each one helps build coordination between your right hand and right foot. Once you’ve mastered all six, try them with your left side next!

If you don’t have a drum kit to practice on, pick up a bass drum practice pad and get kickin’.

If you liked this lesson and want to increase your hand speed as well, check out El Estepario’s new Drumeo course: Fastest Way To Get Faster. You’ll get 10 free video lessons on how to play super fast while staying relaxed – just click the link:


1. The “anti-flam”

This four-bar phrase will make sure your hands and feet are locked. No flams allowed (between bass and snare)!

Start with a basic groove on your hands: 8th notes on the hi-hat and snare drum on 2 and 4. The bass drum pattern will change every bar while your hands stay steady.

qt bass drum speed secrets with el estepario 05

2. Badu

This exercise gets you transitioning from singles to doubles. You may recognize it from El Estepario’s free Faster Way To Get Faster course.

Your left hand keeps time on the hi-hat while your right hand and right foot alternate patterns. So in the second bar, you’ll be alternating double strokes on your right hand and right foot.

qt bass drum speed secrets with el estepario 06

3. Detroit

…because Detroit is known as “The Motor City”, and this exercise sounds like a car engine when played fast!

This exercise has you transitioning from 8th note triplet singles to 8th note triplet doubles.

qt bass drum speed secrets with el estepario 07

4. The kickstarter

Now you’ll move between 8th note triplet doubles and 16th note doubles.

qt bass drum speed secrets with el estepario 08

5. The jackpot

El Estepario calls this “the jackpot” because if you can play this, you win!

Move between 16th note singles to 16th note doubles. You can do it.

qt bass drum speed secrets with el estepario 09

6. The coordination

It’s time to go up against the final boss. A variation on the “jackpot” exercise, you’ll bring your left hand into the alternations. The ‘sticking’ is:

Bar 1: RH RF LH RF

Bar 2: RH LH RF RF

qt bass drum speed secrets with el estepario 10

Whew. Did you make it to the end?

Remember to practice slowly and deliberately, and don’t increase the tempo until you’re relaxed and ready.

If you’re feeling good about your foot speed but want to work on your hands, don’t miss El Estepario’s free course, Fastest Way To Get Faster.

El Estepario Siberiano is a drummer from Spain who's blown up online with one-handed drum covers, lessons, and other impressive social media content. He is the face of Drumeo's free Fastest Way To Get Faster course.

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