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The left foot is often used for keeping time while other patterns are played around the kit. Although this is important to work on and develop properly, there is much more that can be done with the left foot… Especially when it comes to enhancing your musicality!

In this lesson are seven exercises you can use to start getting more mileage and versatility from your left foot. Siemy is playing a snare drum with his foot, but your hi hats will work just fine with these concepts! The main focus is building out your independence first.

Lesson Index:
0:07 – SONG: “OLA”
4:08 – Introduction
6:55 – Lesson Begins!
9:11 – Exercise #1
12:57 – Exercise #2
14:24 – Exercise #3
15:42 – Exercise #4
17:20 – Practice Tips from Siemy
26:35 – Exercise #5
27:50 – Exercise #6
29:45 – Exercise #7
35:00 – Drum Solo!
38:11 – Q & A!
44:00 – SONG: “Florence”

Siemy plays:
Liberty Drums
Leon Cymbals

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