Dave Atkinson  /  Drumeo Podcast #37
Gavin Harrison – The Art Of Drumming
Gavin Harrison, one of King Crimson's drummer and former Porcupine Tree sticksman, joins us in this episode for an entertaining and fun conversation about his career and outlook on the art of drumming. This, along with a thought-provoking discussion about what it means to be a success, makes for an episode you won't want to miss out on.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #137
Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett: Michael and Me
Jonathan Moffett was with Michael Jackson the night before he died. Don't miss this interview with MJ's longtime drummer and friend.

Jared Falk  /  Drumeo Podcast #30
Jonathan Sugarfoot Moffett Talks Music, Drumming, and Life
Jonathan Moffett has worked with some of the greatest pop musicians ever! From Madonna, Elton John, and George Michael, to Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, The Jacksons and the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson. Join us for the incredible opportunity to get to know Jonathan and learn what it was like to work with the biggest names of pop music.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #160
Jojo Mayer: It’s A Human Thing
Jojo Mayer (Nerve) talks about pushing limits, technique, the New York scene, and much more.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #129
Kristina Schiano: So…Ya Wanna YouTube?
Kristina Schiano is one of the world's biggest drumming YouTubers, and a beacon of hope for anyone experiencing mental health issues.

Jared Falk  /  Drumeo Podcast #38
Luke Holland’s Outlook On Drumming & Music
In this episode, YouTube superstar Luke Holland will be interviewed about his drumming career and outlook on drumming and music. This is a great opportunity for you to get to know Luke a little bit better, learn about what makes him tick as a musician and how he got so successful on YouTube.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #132
Sam Landa: The Truth About Being a Female Drummer
In this episode, Seamus and Sam Landa discuss female drummers' treatment in the music industry, motivation/reward, metal and more.

Dave Atkinson  /  Drumeo Podcast #40
Dennis Chambers’ Drumming Evolution
Dennis Chambers is a legendary drummer who has recorded and performed with artists such as Santana, Steely Dan, Parliament/Funkadelic, John Scofield, John McLaughlin, and Mike Stern. If you always wanted to learn more about his inspirations, what got him into drumming and what he practiced when first starting out, this is an interview you can't miss out on. As a bonus, we also find out what his first name really is and why he's called Dennis, instead.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #134
Gary Husband: Drum To Your Own Beat
Are there aspects of being a musician that can't be taught? Accomplished drummer Gary Husband discusses some hard-to-quantify topics.

Jared Falk  /  Drumeo Podcast #39
Rodney Holmes Thoughts On Drum Education
Rodney Holmes is a multiple Grammy Award winner, having worked with the likes of Carlos Santana, Steve Lukather, the Brecker Brothers, Wayne Shorter, Maceo Parker, Rob Thomas, Al Jarreau, Paul Gilbert, and Steps Ahead, among many others. In this episode, you'll learn more about Rodney's journey: how he got started playing drums, how he developed his skills, his thoughts on drumming education, as well as how he got to play with Santana and what it was like to record "Smooth".

Jared Falk  /  Drumeo Podcast #33
Nick D’Virgilio Talks Drum Gear
Nick D'Virgilio has developed an illustrious career in the world of progressive music through his work with Spock's Beard and Big Big Train - and most recently as a gear specialist via his work at Sweetwater Sound. So in this episode, Jared and Dave will pick Nick's brain about drum gear, how he got his first big break, and what drives his enthusiasm for music and drumming.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #131
Siros Vaziri: Your Phone
Is Calling You….

Siros Vaziri is a Swedish drummer who's turned his talents into an online business. Find out how he did it and much more.

Dave Atkinson  /  Drumeo Podcast #32
The Top Moments Of Harvey Mason’s Career
Having played with some of the biggest names in the world of pop, funk, and jazz music, Harvey Mason has acquired a wealth of amazing knowledge and experience. In this episode, Harvey will take Dave Atkinson down memory lane to reminisce about cool moments from his career, besides talking about the importance of music education and knowing your way around charts.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #113
Bruce Becker: Guru
In this episode, longtime educator Bruce Becker talks about long-term development, and his thoughts on self-investing as a drummer.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #128
Ray Levier: Drums Do Heal Us!
Almost losing his life at age 12, the story of how Ray Levier became a drummer is among the most inspirational that you will ever hear.

Jared Falk  /  Drumeo Podcast #36
The State Of Music Education
The world of music education has changed dramatically over the last 30 years. With the advent of the drum DVD and the internet, having access to awesome educational materials and learning with your favorite drummers and instructors has never been easier. In this episode, world-renown instructor Tommy Igoe joins us to discuss the current state of music education: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Jared Falk  /  Drumeo Podcast #22
David Garibaldi On Setting Goals & Achieving Success
In this episode, Jared Falk is joined by David Garibaldi - Tower of Power's master drummer - for a fun and educational interview on life, and learning and playing the drums.

Ash Pearson  /  Drumeo Podcast #23
Gene Hoglan’s Drumming History
Get ready to travel throughout the history behind the birth of thrash metal and how Death came to be alongside one of heavy metal's most iconic drummers of all time: Gene Hoglan, “The Atomic Clock”. Also, Dennis Chambers, The Simpsons, and the importance of learning other instruments to better communicate with bandmates and write music.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #125
Johnny Vidacovich: A Concerned Mother
Jazz drummer Johnny Vidacovich is a mother of a legend. Find out about his humble beginnings, how he dealt with "trigger thumb", and more in this podcast interview.

Jared Falk  /  Drumeo Podcast #6
Improve Your Drumming Practice
In this episode of the Drumeo Podcast, Dave and Jared will share their best tips for getting the most out of your drumming practice time.

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