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Remembering Dom Famularo (1953-2023)

Drumeo Team  /  Sep 29, 2023

This is one of the hardest goodbyes for us at Drumeo.

“Onward and upward…”

Drumming’s global ambassador, Dom Famularo, has long been one of the instrument’s biggest advocates. A captivating clinician and educator with arguably the most positive attitude in the industry, Dom motivated and inspired drummers around the world for over 40 years.

He’s written or co-written some of the best drumming books on the market, taught us about the most important drummers in history, and explained why the grass is greenest under your feet.

Dom had a well-documented desire to support the next generation of drummers and regularly voiced his support for the underdog. He was a mentor and friend to thousands of people, whether they knew him personally, saw one of his clinics or festival appearances, or watched one of his videos online.

Dom was so much more than a drummer to many of us. He was a beacon of positivity, an endless source of wisdom, and just an all-around incredible human. He had this way of showing us not just how to drum but how to live.

Jared Falk

Following a difficult battle with pancreatic cancer, his loss is a devastating one for the drumming community, who’s been paying respect to Dom in droves – an understatement that can’t fully encapsulate the huge impact felt around the world.

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If you aren’t familiar with Dom’s body of work, here are a few lessons, playthroughs and conversations he’s had with us at Drumeo:

Jared Falk hit the nail on the head in a video put together for Dom’s recent 70th birthday celebration:

“There are three things I’ve really learned from you throughout the years. The first is you’re an industry uniter. I’ve watched you bring different people from different parts of the industry together to collaborate – because a rising tide lifts all ships.

Another thing that I appreciate is you are careful to recognize other drummers and you’re really particular about that. When we were considering doing the Drumeo Awards, I spoke to you and you’re like ‘yes, you have to do it, these people need the recognition!’ You wanted to recognize the hard work that all these people are doing to inspire new generations of drummers. The Drumeo Awards were largely inspired by some of the discussions I had with you.

And lastly, you’ve always talked about lineage, like where did all this [drumming knowledge] come from? Who was the first to start documenting and teaching it and distributing it? And you were always so careful to give credit where credit is due and talk about the people that laid the bricks before us, and I think it’s such a good lesson that you’ve taught us. I’m so grateful to have you as a part of our life and a part of my life and a part of what we do here at Drumeo. Thank you so much.”

From Dave Atkinson:

“One of the things you taught me is that there’s no real problems in your life – just challenges you can overcome. Just seeing your motivation and positive approach to everything – I don’t think I’ve ever seen you sad.”

And Kyle Radomsky:

“Your positive approach to everything, your passion for drumming and music, and your empathy and compassion for others to make themselves better certainly has affected my life.”

We’re sending our deepest condolences to Dom’s clan, and our biggest thanks to Mr. Famularo – for always inspiring us to aspire.

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