Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #136
Dan Weiss: 98.9% Honesty
NYC drummer, tabla player and composer Dan Weiss talks about how we know if our work is any good, what it means to pay attention to detail, and more.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #135
Justin Brown: Submit To the Big Picture
World-class drummer Justin Brown talks about the idea of 'natural talent', patience, his debut album NYEUSI and more.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab
Gary Husband: Drum To Your Own Beat
Are there aspects of being a musician that can't be taught? Accomplished drummer Gary Husband discusses some hard-to-quantify topics.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #131
Damani & Stixx: The Duo Behind DrumTrax
Damani and Stixx talk about their DrumTrax app, art versus money as a musician, perceptions and more.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #132
Sam Landa: The Truth About Being a Female Drummer
In this episode, Seamus and Sam Landa discuss female drummers' treatment in the music industry, motivation/reward, metal and more.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #130
Siros Vaziri: Your Phone
Is Calling You….

Siros Vaziri is a Swedish drummer who's turned his talents into an online business. Find out how he did it and much more.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #129
Paul Wertico: The Music Plays Me
Paul Wertico is an award-winning performer, teacher, bandleader, and clinician. Check out this eye-opening episode!

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #128
Kristina Schiano: So…Ya Wanna YouTube?
Kristina Schiano is one of the world's biggest drumming YouTubers, and a beacon of hope for anyone experiencing mental health issues.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #127
Ray Levier: Drums Do Heal Us!
Almost losing his life at age 12, the story of how Ray Levier became a drummer is among the most inspirational that you will ever hear.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #126
Jules Jenssen: Learn, Diversify And Create
Whether he's programming triggers or teaming up with sculptors, drummer Jules Jenssen is creatively merging music with technology.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #125
Joel Turcotte: Thank You, Craigslist!
Do we play better when we aren't being recorded? Does a good teacher adapt to the student, or should the student rise to their level?

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #124
Johnny Vidacovich: A Concerned Mother
Jazz drummer Johnny Vidacovich is a mother of a legend. Find out about his humble beginnings, how he dealt with "trigger thumb", and more in this podcast interview.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #123
Dre Energy: Just Do The Work
Dre Energy is a drummer with Cirque du Soleil's Quidam. Listen to this podcast episode to learn about drum endorsements, entrepreneurship and much more.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #122
Gunnar Olsen: Right Place, Right Time
Gunnar has never publicly told the story of how he worked with Bruce Springsteen...until now. Listen to this episode of the Drumeo Gab podcast!

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #121
Benny Greb: Growing Pains
Benny Greb is one of the most celebrated drummers of this decade. Benny talks about self doubt, social media, and life in this interview with Drumeo Gab.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #120
Keith Carlock: Locked in
Keith Carlock has an incredible drumming resume (Steely Dan, Toto, Sting, John Mayer). Listen to him talk about finding your musical voice, what he really thinks about jazz school, and much more.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #119
Sarah Thawer: Go Sarah Go!
Since Sarah Thawer was last on the podcast, she's been involved in international drum festivals and clinics, done major video shoots for the companies she endorses, has been featured on Drumeo and VF Jams, and has toured internationally with Watsky.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #118
Rashid Williams: The Blueprint
Rashid Williams has an impressive resume, from John Legend to Alicia Keys. Listen to find out why he almost quit drumming and more.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #117
Brian Frasier-Moore: #BFMThoughts
After spending 26 years drumming for artists like Justin Timberlake, Madonna and Janet Jackson, Brian Frasier-Moore shares his thoughts on 'fake modesty', giving praise, and much more.

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #116
Tom Knight: The Seinfeld Episode
Tom Knight, voiceover artist and drummer, talks with Seamus about Motley Crue's biopic "The Dirt", embarrassing moments with Dave Weckl, the time Seamus forgot to record the podcast, and more.

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