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Travis Barker  /  Hand Technique
Travis Barker’s Favorite Warm-Up (Hint: It’s Rudiments)
Now's your chance to steal Travis Barker's warm-up routine - even if you aren't preparing to play with blink-182.

ZackGrooves  /  Hand Technique
10x Your Drum Chops With This Free 10-Minute Paradiddle Workout
If you want to be able to groove (and shred) like the world's best drummers, try this daily drum-along workout with ZackGrooves.

El Estepario Siberiano  /  Hand Technique
El Estepario Siberiano’s 3 Favorite One-Handed Chops
Learn these 3 easy one-handed chops and become a monster drummer like El Estepario Siberiano.

Simon Phillips  /  Hand Technique
Why Drummers Should Lead With Their Weaker Hand
Simon Phillips is proficient at leading with both hands. He explains how you'll develop control by focusing on your weakness.

Samantha Landa  /  Hand Technique
Is Traditional Grip Dead?
Learn the history of trad grip and why most drummers use matched grip these days.

Jack Thomas  /  Full Lessons
Developing Your Weaker Hand
Weak no more! Learn how to develop your non-dominant hand from an amazing drummer who literally had no other option.

Jack Thomas  /  Hand Technique
How To Play Drums With One Arm
When you drop a stick, how do you keep the beat going while fishing out another one? Jack Thomas teaches you how to drum with one arm.

Jared Falk  /  Hand Technique
5 Proven Ways To Fix Your Double Strokes
Double strokes are critical for drummers. Here are 5 guaranteed ways you can improve your doubles game.

Glen Sobel  /  Full Lessons
The Secret To The Perfect Arena Rock Snare Sound
Did you know you can get Alice Cooper's epic snare sound without changing your gear? Check out this full lesson with Glen Sobel!

Jared Falk  /  Hand Technique
How To Hold Drumsticks (Step-By-Step With Video)
In this quick video for beginner drummers, you'll learn how to hold your drumsticks using matched grip.

Russ Miller  /  Hand Technique
Triple Your Hand Speed In One Day
Here's the secret to how so many pro drummers can play so fast.

Heather Thomas  /  Hand Technique
Improve Your Weaker Hand In 30 Minutes
Want to improve your sticking consistency and strengthen your non-dominant hand? Play along with this video.

Jared Falk  /  Hand Technique
Learn How To Shred With This Simple Warm-Up
This simple exercise will improve your right and left hand lead, increase your fluidity, and even get you shredding.

Keith Carlock  /  Hand Technique
How To Play Silky Smooth Double Stroke Rolls
Keith Carlock's double strokes are rock solid. Here are two exercises he recommends to strengthen your doubles.

Scott Pellegrom  /  Hand Technique
Improve Fluidity Around The Drum Set
"Wax on, wax off." This clockwise/counterclockwise exercise will get you moving smoothly around the kit.

Rashid Williams  /  Full Lessons
How To Be A Tighter Drummer
If you want to take your drumming and sound to the next level, this lesson will show you exactly how to polish your playing.

Dom Famularo  /  Hand Technique
How To Swipe The Cymbals
In this 5-minute quick tip, Dom Famularo teaches you a whole new way to attack your cymbals.

Harry Miree  /  Hand Technique
The Dude’s Guide To Improving Your Cross Stick Sound
What you're about to read will improve your drumming in less than five seconds. It's something anyone can do, and you can do it right now. Sound impossible? It's not.

Bruce Becker  /  Hand Technique
How To Fix Your Bad Drum Technique
Are you struggling to find a natural and easy flow when drumming? Educator and technique expert Bruce Becker shares 3 tips to fix bad technique.

Todd Sucherman  /  Hand Technique
The Mystery Of Ghost Notes
Todd Sucherman wants to share a personal story of how he first understood the application of ghost notes which resulted in a huge breakthrough in his drumming.

Jared Falk  /  Hand Technique
5 Tips For A Killer Snare Sound
Getting comfortable with manipulating the sound of your snare will allow you to pull a seemingly unlimited amount of sounds from just one drum.

Jared Falk  /  Hand Technique
Hand Independence Builder For Beginner Drummers
When you're just starting out on the drums, it's difficult to separate your limbs and have them all do different things at the same time.

Mark Guiliana  /  Hand Technique
Discovering Orchestration Paths on the Drums
In this lesson, Mark Guiliana will teach you a quick concept that one of his favorite drummers, and former teacher, Dan Weiss taught him almost 20 years ago. This exercise focuses on sending each of your hands on a separate path around the drum kit and circling back to the snare drum. Everything you’ll be […]

Senri Kawaguchi  /  Hand Technique
How To Play With More Power On The Drums (Hands Edition)
Senri Kawaguchi might look smaller than your average drummer, but she sure packs a punch behind the kit. Today she’s at Drumeo to talk about her main tip for drummers looking to add a little more “oomph”‘ to their playing (without actually using more power). Full Transcription: Hi everyone, I’m Senri Kawaguchi. I’d like to […]

Gavin Harrison  /  Hand Technique
Gavin Harrison’s Favorite Sticking
Every drummer has a select few patterns that naturally appear in their playing without much effort. It’s so ingrained into our muscle memory and our deep understanding of the pattern has made it become apart of our “sound”. So what’s one of Gavin Harrisons? You ready? R L R R L Don’t be deceived by […]

Reuben Spyker  /  Hand Technique
How To Fan Your Hi-Hats
Hi-hat fanning is a drum trick that produces a unique sound and is a definite crowd-pleaser with its visual flare.

Bruce Becker  /  Hand Technique
One Simple Exercise To Improve Your Fluidity On The Drums
Fluidity on the drum set is absolutely crucial in order to reach quicker speeds and maintain proper, relaxed technique in the process. This includes choreographing some basic movements and utilizing our anatomy to serve us in the most natural way. In today’s lesson, Bruce Becker will take the single paradiddle and demonstrate how to use […]

Bruce Becker  /  Hand Technique
Moeller Method: The Most Important Drum Technique
Ever wanted to improve your fluidity of movement? Improve your speed? Have way more control on the drums? In this video, Bruce Becker will introduce you to the Moeller Method.

Jason Sutter  /  Hand Technique
5 Tips For Better Brush Technique
Here are FIVE ways to quickly improve your brush technique by Jason Sutter. If you feel like you’ve hit a wall with your playing, these tips are just for you. If you’re looking to learn the basics of brushes, start here! Without further ado… Reverse Your Strokes If you normally play everything clockwise, start practicing […]

Derek Roddy  /  Hand Technique
Derek Roddy’s Blast Beat Technique (Slo-Mo)
Today we’re going to take a look at Derek Roddy’s blast beats… in slow motion! Derek is known for his lightning-fast speed drumming, so being able to dial it right back and take a look at his technique will help us understand how he’s reaching those top speeds. On his right hand, Derek uses a […]

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