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Improve Your Weaker Hand In 30 Minutes

Heather Thomas  /  Feb 18, 2020

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Want to improve your sticking consistency and strengthen your non-dominant hand? Play along with Heather Thomas and work your way through page 1 of one of the most important drumming books: Stick Control by George Lawrence Stone.

Heather practices it per the book’s instructions: repeat each exercise 20 times. The advantages to practicing this way is that you need to stay focused for a long period of time, which gives you an opportunity to relax in an almost meditative way.

Grab your practice pad, ideally in a place where you can stand, and make sure you’re nice and centered in front of it. You’ll be playing for about half an hour, so get comfortable and try to relax!

In this boot camp video, Heather plays it at 152 BPM. If this is too fast for you, take it at a slower tempo on your own until you’re ready.

This page starts with single strokes, then goes into double strokes, paradiddles, inverted paradiddles, single mills (reverse paradiddles), and a variety of other single and double stroke exercises.

Play each exercise 20 times:

If you want to work through more of Stick Control, you can also check out Dom Famularo’s course that takes you through the book (available to Drumeo Edge members).

More importantly, if you’re struggling with your hand technique and speed – or if you found these exercises challenging – get this free 10-video course called The Fastest Way To Get Faster.

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