Learn How To Shred With This Simple Warm-Up

Jared Falk  /  Quick Tips / Dec 31

No matter what kit you’re playing, you want to be able to play it to the best of your ability, right? This simple exercise will not only help you practice moving around the drums and improve your right and left hand lead, it’ll also get you shredding (if that’s what you want), and maybe even impress your friends.

This is a reminder for all you right-handed players: practice left hand lead as much as you practice right hand lead! It’ll help you get around the kit more easily and strengthen your weaker hand. Your fills and rolls will sound better, too.

Starting with the snare, move down the toms until you get to the last one, then hit the bass drum twice. Now switch to your left hand lead as you work your way back up the drums – from toms to snare – and again hitting the bass drum twice. Repeat with your right hand leading once again.

Start slow, get comfortable with these rolls, focus on the sticking and the note spacing, then push it until you fall off the rails. Once you start struggling, that’s when you can pull back a bit and work on that tempo. You should find yourself getting quicker and your movements becoming smoother. Give it a shot!

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