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Samantha Landa  /  Song Tips
4 Reasons Why Drummers Should Use Drumless Tracks
If you want to post drum covers or correct your mistakes, you'll want to use a drumless track.

Nic Collins  /  Song Tips
Phil Collins’ Son Plays “Whiplash” After Hearing It Once
Phil Collins' son, Nic Collins, is already a pro drummer at just 21 years old. Can he nail "Whiplash" after hearing it once?

Steve Smith  /  Song Tips
Steve Smith’s Best Tips For Drum Soloing
Steve Smith (ex-Journey) put together these drum solo tips for anyone looking to understand the art of soloing.

Domino Santantonio  /  Song Tips
We Dared This Pop Drummer To Play “Before I Forget” By Slipknot
We dared Domino Santantonio, a pop drummer, to attempt "Before I Forget" by Slipknot. She's never heard the band before. How'd she do?

Dennis Chambers  /  Song Tips
We Dared A Funk Drummer To Learn “Schism” By Tool
Could Dennis Chambers be the new drummer of Tool? Watch him write a drum part for "Schism" on the fly!

Simon Phillips  /  Practice Tips
The Best Tip For Anyone Who Struggles With Odd Time Drumming
Do you struggle with drumming in odd time? This is the best tip to finally master it.

Dr. Lee Reid  /  Song Tips
How To Notate Drum Ideas Quickly (And Creatively)
This article takes you through the steps of writing drum beats and tips to make your drum parts more creative.

Hannah Welton  /  Practice Tips
How Prince’s Drummer Learns Songs Almost Instantly
Pro drummers need to learn songs quickly. Here's how Prince's former drummer does it (and how you can, too).

Rob Mitzner  /  Song Tips
How To Read Drum Music (For Beginners)
Wondering how to read drum music? It'll open up more gigs and opportunities. Here's a guide to get you started.

Rob Mitzner  /  Song Tips
9 Ways To Make Killer Drumming TikToks
Outsmart the algorithm and get people watching your drum videos on TikTok!

Ryan Van Poederooyen  /  Full Lessons
This Exercise Will Help You Learn Odd Time Drumming
If you're new to playing in odd time, this one exercise will make it much easier to get used to playing in 5, 7, 9, and more.

Samantha Landa  /  Song Tips
How To Learn Songs On Drums
How do you learn by ear or slow down a track? This guide will help you learn a song and figure out what the drummer's playing!

Larnell Lewis  /  Song Tips
Larnell Lewis Hears “Enter Sandman” For The First Time And Nails It
Larnell Lewis has never heard "Enter Sandman" by Metallica. He isn't a metal drummer. But today he's going to learn and play it on the spot!

João Lebre  /  Song Tips
9 Drum Recording Myths…Busted!
You may be guilty of some studio 'oopses' without even knowing it. Find out how to make engineers love you!

Gregg Bissonette  /  Practice Tips
How To Learn Drum Parts Without Drums
Gregg Bissonette explains how vocalizing parts helps us learn them long before we actually get to try them on the drums.

JJ Jones  /  Song Tips
Free Drumless Tracks/Play-Alongs (And Where To Find Them)
Here are some drumless songs for you to play along with - plus tips on where to find more!

Gil Sharone  /  Song Tips
How Gil Sharone Learns A Drumless Song By Ear
Gil Sharone heard a drumless song once, wrote the drum part in his head, and then played it perfectly. Here's how!

Steve Smith  /  Song Tips
The Art Of Drum Solos with Steve Smith
Steve Smith (formerly of Journey) breaks down five types of drum solos in this excerpt from his full course.

Alex Rudinger  /  Song Tips
4 Tips To Learn Hard Songs Quickly
Did you know that there are programs that can help drummers learn tricky songs fast?

Larnell Lewis  /  Song Tips
Can You Learn A Song By Ear This Quickly?
Want to see Larnell Lewis hear a drumless song TWICE and nail it on his first run through? Hit that play button!

Gregg Bissonette  /  Practice Tips
How Quickly Can You Learn A Song?
This is why sight reading is so important. Watch Gregg Bissonette as he shows you why certain skills are must-haves.

Thomas Duflos  /  Song Tips
How To Program Drums (Guitar Pro Tutorial)
Here's why drummers can benefit from programming drum parts (plus 10 free downloadable Guitar Pro beats).

Todd Sucherman  /  Song Tips
The 5 Most Important Tips For Rock Drummers
Todd Sucherman shares 5 tips every rock drummer should know. And not just any old tips, either!

Rashid Williams  /  Song Tips
3 Steps To Learn Any Song By Ear
Watch this video to see how Rashid Williams was able to learn a new song and write the drum part in just 15 minutes!

Bruce Becker  /  Practice Tips
Easy Odd Note Groupings
If you want to work on odd note groupings - or just improve your creativity around the kit - start with technique guru Bruce Becker's 7-7-5-5-3-3-2 exercise.

Todd Sucherman  /  Song Tips
The Biggest Rock Drumming Myths
We asked Todd to come up with three common myths among drummers (which especially apply to rock music).

Mercedes Lander  /  Full Lessons
5 Tips For Making A Song Catchy
From the lyrics to the drum parts, guitar riffs, and bass lines, everything has to work together in harmony to make a song catchy… But there are other factors that can contribute to this. To help you understand how you can apply these concepts with your drum parts, Mercedes Lander will teach and demonstrate five […]

Dali Mraz  /  Full Lessons
How To Be A Composer And Not Just A Drummer
As drummers, our end goal is playing and making music with other musicians… So how do we break away from being “just the drummer”? In this lesson, Dali Mraz will teach you how to approach songs from a more melodic perspective rather than a percussive one. This includes being more sensitive to the other instruments, […]

JP Bouvet  /  Full Lessons
Tools For Creative Writing With A Band
At Drumeo we’ve done a countless amount of drum lessons on how to improve your technique and repertoire as a drummer, so we thought it would be a good idea step out of our comfort zone and start discussing the drums within the context of a band. The countless hours you’ve spent in the practice […]

Dennis Chambers  /  Song Tips
Should You Learn To Read Sheet Music?
Should you know how to read sheet music as a drummer? Is it important skill to have in order to make it in the music industry? Does Dennis Chambers know how to read sheet music? What about the other legendary drummers? Dennis has some valuable insights on whether or not you should learn to read […]

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