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If you had to listen to a song once while coming up with the drum parts in your head, would you be able to play it with no hiccups from start to finish?

We gave Gil Sharone a drumless track he’d never heard before (“Funky Rastafari”, available in Drumeo Edge) so he could listen to it, write drums for it, and play through it – within minutes.

As you watch him go through the process of learning music, you’ll see how Gil gets ready for a studio session or when he’s asked to fill in for a band. You’ll also realize how quickly he’s able to do it – like learning an entire album on a plane).

During his listen-through, watch how Gil adds his notes and rough form for each section on a piece of paper in realtime. He also doesn’t write down any beats or ideas, and this seems to work for him!

Chart the form, check. Understand the feel, check. No click? No problem. During his first pass, he tested some different approaches while figuring out where he wanted to go with it. By the time he started his second pass, he had made decisions on exactly what vibe he thought would be the best fit for each section.

Well? How’d he do?

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