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100+ Gifts For Drummers (2023)

Drumeo Team  /  UPDATED Dec 13, 2023

What do you get for somebody who has wants it all? If you want to put a smile on a drummer’s face, check out this list of over 100 drum products from $5 to $500+ that make awesome gifts for the percussion enthusiast in your life.

From stocking stuffers to extra-generous presents, check out these ideas to help any drummer relieve stress or rediscover the joy of drumming (Bob Ross not included) this holiday season.


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Creating Sounds

Drumsticks ($5-60)

You’ll most likely spend around $10-15 for a pair of regular drumsticks. But the sky’s the limit with options:

  • Drumeo drumsticks ($9-13) – Every drummer can use more drumsticks!
  • Hot Rods (Dowel sticks) ($30-80) – For quiet playing.
  • Signature Sticks ($12-16) – Play the sticks designed and endorsed by your favorite drummer.
  • Brushes ($20-60) – Great for jazz and creating new sounds on the drum kit.
2018 07 11 Jared Sticks 116 1 1

Big Fat Snare Drum ($30-45)

Change the sound of your snare drum instantly and get rid of overtones (something most drummers don’t like). It’s magical!

Drumeo Tone Control Kit ($59 for 4)

These clamp on the edge of each drum and dampen the sound, which means less ringing and more awesome. They come in a 4-pack and we usually sell out of these, so you can search ‘snareweight’ on Amazon if we’re sold out ($20-30 for a single one).

Low Boy Custom Bass Drum Beaters ($28-45)

This company makes beautiful beaters that come in different materials (like wood, felt, or leather) so you can get different sounds out of your bass drum.

Egg Shakers ($3-8)

These are useful for all different types of gigs!

Drumheads ($15-100)

After a while, drumheads get worn down, stretched out, and even dented – so drummers need to replace them. Look for heads from Aquarian, Evans, or Remo.

  • Tom Packs ($100-200) – Pick up a 3-pack of Remo tom heads (make sure you know what size toms the drummer uses).
  • Snare Heads ($20-60) – These need to be replaced the most because drummers use them the most. The most common snare drum size is 14″ in diameter. Try an Evans G1, Evans UV1, Remo Emperor, or a coated Remo Ambassador.
DSC 6963 1

Danmar Metal Kick Pad ($12)

Attach this ‘sticker’ to the bass drum head to get a unique sound and attack. Todd Sucherman (Styx) swears by it and it’s great for rock and metal.

Drumming Tools

KickBlock ($30)

Drummers hate when the bass drum starts sliding away, which can happen if the surface under the drum is slippery and can’t stand up to the drummer’s energy. Prevent bass drum creep with this foam block (the heavy duty Velcro on the bottom is a lifesaver on any carpet).

DrumDial ($60)

If you aren’t a drummer, you might not know that drums need to be tuned. We like to listen to certain notes on our toms, but it all comes down to the tension on the top and bottom heads. DrumDial allows you to measure the tension around each drum and makes tuning much easier.

MG 0856 1

Evans Torque Key ($20)

It’s small, effective, and fits in your pocket or stick bag. This special drum key helps to make sure the tension is even around the drum (not as accurately as the DrumDial, but it’s still useful).

Cymbal Cleaner ($9-20)

Some drummers never clean their cymbals because age can change the sound slightly. Make sure you find out if the drummer you’re buying for likes clean or dirty cymbals! If it’s the former, pick up some Zildjian Cymbal Cleaner or Groove Juice.

Bass Drum Os ($19)

Add a cool look to the bass drum port (a hole in the drum’s resonant head) while reinforcing the hole so the drummer or a sound engineer doesn’t tear the drum head putting blankets or mics inside.

Cympad Cymbal Felts ($10 for 5)

These ‘felts’ are actually made of dense foam that increases the cymbal’s resonance while protecting the cymbal from damage by the metal on the stand. These come in multiple colors, so you could match them with the kit if you want.

The most important gift for drummers

Product Image03 1

Keep loud sounds out while still listening to your favorite songs. Drumeo’s EarDrums are triple-driver in-ear monitors that seal in the music while reducing external volume by up to -29dB.

Pick up a pair for the drummer in your life and make sure they hear it all for years to come.

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GrooveTech Multi-Tool ($17)

Like a survival tool for drummers, this multi-tool is full of different accessories to tune, screw, cut, and more. Check out the GrooveTech model or this one from Tama.

Hole Cutter ($14)

If the drummer doesn’t have a hole in their bass drum head (used to change the sound of the drum or easily allow microphones and/or dampening to be placed inside), they can use a hole cutter to do it themselves. It’s cheaper than buying a whole new head with a pre-punched hole, and could make a good stocking stuffer for the serious drum aficionado who’s got multiple kits.

Drumeo Comfort Cover ($112)

This is the ultimate gift for a drummer’s behind: it turns any crappy old stool into an extremely comfortable seat. It’s much cheaper than buying a whole new throne, and especially useful for a gigging drummer who’s regularly borrowing gear.

drumeo comfort cover drumstool cushion pad

Auxiliary Kick Mount ($50-117)

Legendary drummer Horacio Hernandez uses this kind of auxiliary pedal, and now you can too! Use this mount to attach a pedal on one side and a wood block or cowbell on the other side, freeing up your hands for other rhythms. Check out these options from Meinl and Gibraltar.

Quick-Release Cymbal Toppers ($17-30)

Easy to clamp on and take off, these cymbal toppers make setting up or changing cymbals much quicker than with the traditional twist-off ones. These are perfect stocking stuffers.

Drum Key ($3-25)

Regular drum keys (for tuning drums) are inexpensive and simple. But…

If you want something special, try the GrooveTech T-Handle Drum Key ($24). This key is amazing for someone who needs a bigger drum key (ex. a drummer who wants more crank – like a mechanic’s ratchet – or who has less finger dexterity. Drumeo’s drum tech, Tyson swears by this!

big drum key 1
GrooveTech T-Handle Drum Key ($19)

Drop Clutch ($24-44)

A drop clutch lets a drummer switch their hi-hats to closed mode by hitting it once. Then they can move their foot from the hi-hat pedal to a double bass pedal. Perfect for metal drummers!

Drum Cases ($50-350)

No more scratches and dings on your drums! Cases make sure you can transport them safely. Make sure you know the sizes of the drums (in diameter and depth) before buying a set of these.

Hard cases (like these ones from Protechtor) are more expensive but they’re much more durable. Soft (like these ones from Protection Racket) are easier on the wallet and good for local gigs.


An awesome gift for drum students (or aspiring ones), these are some of our recommended drum books:

Dom books

Drumeo ($30/mo or $240/yr)

Online drum lessons are perfect for any drummer who wants to learn on their own schedule and on their own terms. Get them a Drumeo membership (a 1-month or annual pass) for access to over 3000 hours of lessons, 2000+ song transcriptions, personalized feedback, a coaching program featuring celebrity drummers, a lively community, Netflix-style drum documentaries and much more.

Kit Add-Ons

Splash Cymbal ($23-300)

Add more cool sounds to the kit with a splash cymbal (they usually come in 8″ or 10″). Splashes can get expensive – even though they’re some of the smallest cymbals out there – but you can find cheaper models under $100 like this Paiste 900 Series.

Cymbal Stand ($60-180)

Get a stand or cymbal arm ($30-100) to mount a cymbal. Perfect if you plan to gift a splash cymbal like the suggestion above!

Cowbell ($15-80)

More cowbell? Always! You can find small cowbells, big cowbells, and even cowbell trees (with multiple cowbells). You’ll need an auxiliary mount ($30-60) to add it to the kit – check out the Meinl and Gibraltar mounts we mentioned above.

Tambourine ($20-80)

You can hit it with a drumstick when it’s mounted on the drum kit, or ‘shake’ it with a foot pedal if it’s mounted on the hi-hat stand.

Yamaha EAD10 ($500)

yamaha ead10

This is one of the most popular drumming add-ons right now, and if you give this module as a gift, you’ll be their favorite person ever. The EAD10 (which stands for Electronic Acoustic Drums – watch the demo here) is a cheaper, simpler way to mic a kit, add different effects and filters, and make it easy to film and record yourself playing along to music with the free app.

Casey Cooper Igniter Snare Drum ($175)

This drum is perfect as an auxiliary snare to give the drummer more sonic options. You get a lot of bang for your buck – it’s a lot more affordable than similar snare drums.


If you want to send someone a gift from anywhere in the world (and save on shipping costs), get them an app!

  • Gap Click ($3) by Benny Greb helps you keep time with gaps in the metronome. Improve your internal clock!
  • liveBPM ($4) tracks the speed at which you’re playing drums.
  • Tempo Advance ($4) lets you create different metronome variations and has a ton of features like building setlists for live gigs.
  • Drumeo App (free with a Drumeo subscription) gets you access to a huge library of videos and 2000+ songs to drum along to.
  • Moises (free for the limited version or $5/month for premium) uses AI technology to remove drums (or vocals, or guitars) from songs so you can add your own or play along to drumless tracks.

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Stocking stuffers

Ranging from $6 to $35, these gifts are small enough to fit in a stocking and won’t break the bank.

Vic Firth Universal Practice Tips ($7)
The perfect way to practice on any surface. Just add rubber tips to the end of your sticks and play wherever you want!
Drumtacs Sound Control Pads ($12.95)
These sticky little guys will help eliminate unwanted resonance from the drums. Keep them whole or cut them down to quarters or halves and move them around the drumheads.
Evans Torque Key ($21)
This drum key has an ergonomic grip for maximum comfort, a knurled knob for quick spinning, and a slip-resistant magnetic head. The torque handle can be set to the tension you need for your preferred tuning.
rhythmtech hi hat jinglesHi-Hat Tambourine ($40)
The Hat Trick G2 is a tambourine that clamps easily to a hi-hat stand or cymbal stand so you can jingle to your heart’s content.
Pearl TechTool ($20)
This Swiss Army-style multi-tool comes with 13 gig-ready tools that fit all drums, pedals, and hardware. With six hex keys, five screwdrivers, a standard drum key, and a bottle opener, this will save any drummer in a pinch.
Image result for vater drumeo drumsticks"Drumeo 5A Sticks by Vater ($9.71)
Drumeo 5A Drumsticks by Vater have double the moisture content of other sticks (aka longer-lasting) and are the perfect size for pretty much any situation. These are the same hickory drumsticks Jared Falk and many of our other instructors use every day.
Vic Firth Split Brush ($35)
This brush is designed with two separate rows of wire, which produces unique weighting of sound with different articulation qualities. The pull rod is also triple crimped, allowing for additional setting options.
ProMark Hot Rods ($25)
Bridging the gap between drumsticks and brushes and handmade with select birch dowels, Hot Rods have a lighter sound than sticks but more attack than brushes, making them popular for many styles of music.
PinchClip ($10)
Replace the wingnuts on your cymbal stands and hi-hats with these easy-to-use squeeze and release clips.
Sweet Spot Cymbal Toppers and Clutches ($30+)
These premium accessories will stand the test of time. With multiple designs to choose from (including screws and spikes), they’ll add some extra style to your drum kit, too.
kickblockKickBlock ($30)
Drummers hate when the bass drum starts creeping forward – and that’s where the velcro-backed KickBlock anchor comes in.
af drum keyA&F Drum Key ($35)
This premium drum key is made of raw steel and has a leather key ring holster for a cool vintage look.

Affordable gifts

Ranging from $18 to $150, there are a ton of budget-friendly products on most drummers’ wish lists.

Image result for drumeo p4 practice pad"Drumeo QuietPad ($30)
Practice anywhere with two full-size playing surfaces: a harder rubber side with a solid rebound, and a softer reverse for even quieter practice (up to 50% quieter than most pads).
drumeo quietkick bass drum practice padQuietKick Practice Pad ($59)
This portable practice pad lets drummers work on their bass drum technique smoothly and quietly. You can throw it in your bag and take it anywhere!
Evans EQ Pad Bass Drum Damper ($17)
The Evans EQ Pad is a highly efficient bass drum muffler that attaches to the bottom of the bass drum shell with Velcro. The hinged pad bounces off the head, allowing sustain before returning to dampen the vibrating head.
Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones ($88)
These headphones were designed to protect musicians from the high sound levels associated with their instruments. They drastically reduce the amount of sound that reaches your ears, preventing potentially irreversible ear damage.
Audio Technica ATH-M50x Headphones ($150)
The ATH-M50x features the same sonic signature, large-aperture drivers, and sound isolating earcups as the previous model, but now features a detachable cable. The M50x is a great fit for audio professionals at all levels.
eardrumsEarDrums In-Ear Monitors ($112)
Protect your ears and play your favorite songs. A snug fit seals in the sound (reducing external volume by up to -29dB) and triple drivers offer the clearest audio you’ll get for this price.
Tune Bot ($100)
This device makes it easy to tune to notes. Simply clip it to your drum hoop, tap the drum, and match the lugs.
DrumDial Drum Tuner ($58)
Easily tune your drums by measuring pressure on the drumhead. Fast, precise, and no whacking necessary!
Tama Rhythm Watch RW200 ($99)
This metronome has everything a drummer needs to make sure they stay on time, both live and in the studio. It features plenty of volume to use while playing real drums, a dial for quick tempo adjustments, separate volumes for all note values, and much more.
Soundbrenner Pulse ($89+)
This wearable silent metronome pulsates on your wrist, ankle, chest, or wherever you decide to put it. Instead of hearing the click, you can feel it instead.
Low Boy Custom Beaters ($30-60+)
Build your own custom bass drum beater with all the advantages and versatility of wood for sound, as well as the custom painted finish for style.
Switch Kick ($43)
Originally a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Switch Kick helps drummers to ‘switch’ beaters quickly without any tools. There are more than 10 different beater heads available!
Vratim Drum Shoes ($83)
Comfortable, flexible, and lightweight with grip underneath, these suede leather shoes are designed specifically for drumming.
Vic Firth Drummer Backpack ($95)
This backpack has two padded compartments, a removable laptop insert, a detachable stick bag, and enough space to also fit a practice pad.
earasersEarasers ($50)
These advanced musicians’ earplugs were designed to reduce dangerous frequencies while still letting safe sounds through.
2023 09 05 Drumeo Stickbag 126Drumeo Stickbag ($110)
Water resistant, tough and sleek, the Drumeo StickBag has a ton of pockets, a drum keychain and a custom brush sleeve to keep you prepared from garage to stage.

A stand that fits any practice pad


Unlike most snare stands, the Drumeo PadStand is the perfect size to cradle any pad, making it easy to quietly work on your drumming anywhere.

Get one for only $59 and level up your practice routine.

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Generous gifts

If you’ve got a bit more financial wiggle room and want to seriously treat a drummer, here are a few big ideas.

Roland TD-1KV V-Drums ($400)
The TD-1K compact delivers V-Drums quality in a space-saving kit. Ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy playing drums at home, the TD-1K offers a wide selection of expressive drum kits for playing any musical style, plus additional onboard training software for building skills and monitoring progress. Because you listen through headphones, the neighbors won’t hear a peep!
Yamaha EAD10 ($499)
This module transforms your acoustic kit into an electric kit! Well, kind of. Amplify the drums with the combined mic/trigger, add preset effects and samples, and much more. Want to post drum covers? To make sharing easy, Yamaha even has a free app to easily sync video from your phone with audio from the EAD10.
Yamaha Stage Custom Birch ($799+)
The Stage Custom Birch series is great for the beginner or the working professional. Available in multiple colors and finishes, the low fundamental and warm tone of Yamaha’s birch drums has been the top choice of drummers for over 30 years.
TAMA Starclassic Walnut/Birch ($1699+)
A popular choice for gigging drummers, the latest TAMA Starclassic Performer combines warmth and attack for the most versatility. Diecast hoops, a flexible and light tom mounting system, and unique memory locks make this kit more than good enough for a pro.
zoomq2n action cam video recorderZoom Q2N Action Camera ($199)
Ideal for filming live gigs, drum practice or even YouTube videos, the Q2N is known for capturing drum audio better than most action cameras. It can record 4k video and has a great wide-angle lens option.
sE Electronics Drum Mics ($1099)
This complete set of mics includes everything a drummer needs for basic recording or live playing.
earthworks drum micsEarthworks DK7 Drum Mics ($2999)
This full microphone system (we use them here at Drumeo) is perfect for pro drummers who want exceptional sound quality without the bulk. Whether you want the set or just a single mic, Earthworks makes top of the line products.
Sabian AAX Cymbal Pack ($925)
Perfect for any drummer who wants to upgrade several cymbals at once, this set includes five cymbals: a pair of hi-hats, two crashes, and a ride.
roland spd sx sample padRoland SPD-SX Sample Pad ($649)
You can assign sounds to this multipad and trigger samples from your drum kit. A must-have for the hybrid drummer who likes electronics with their acoustic drumming.
neewer dimmable video led lightsNEEWER Lighting Kit ($206)
These dimmable LED lights are surprisingly affordable, and great for the social media drummer who wants to level up their video skills.
logic pro drum recording softwareLogic Pro ($250)
Treat drummers to a professional DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) – software they’ll need to record and mix their own drums.
focusrite scarlett 18i20Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 ($540)
Another recording must-have for drummers, this interface has enough inputs to mic an entire kit.

Educational gifts

From classic books to online drum lessons, every drummer deserves to keep learning – no matter how good they already are.

Drumeo Drum Lessons ($30/month)
With live and recorded lessons from over 60 world-class instructors, you’ll get access to more than 1000 hours of on-demand recorded lessons and 100+ play-along songs with this award-winning educational community. Improve your skills and have more fun! Click here to get a gift card.
The Drummer’s Toolbox ($22.49)
This hardcover book is the ultimate guide to learning 101 drumming styles. With over 450 pages of easy-to-understand descriptions and simple groove breakdowns, it’s the most comprehensive introduction to dozens of styles for drummers of any skill level.
Image result for best beginner drum book drumeo"The Best Beginner Drum Book ($22.49)
This is the simplest guide for beginner drummers to get started on drums and take their playing to the next level.
Stick Control ($10)
Often considered to be the bible of drumming, Stick Control is a classic. This is the ideal book for improving all aspects of your drumming with extra attention given to the development of the weak hand.
Survival Guide For The Modern Drummer ($24.99)
Jim Riley’s book contains 318 grooves and 124 fully produced play along tracks in every genre. From pop to swing, metal to latin, country to Motown, this book is the best resource for you to become a more well rounded drummer and will give you the tools to survive as a pro player.
Ultimate Realistic Rock ($12-30)
This book (and bonus CDs) by Carmine Appice contains classic information on basic rock rhythms, polyrhythms, linear rudiments and groupings, hi-hat and double bass drum exercises, syncopation exercises, and much more.
The Art and Science of Groove ($34)
The Art and Science of Groove is a collection of vital tools and exercises designed specifically to enhance your playing with a positive groove. Benny Greb introduces the five core elements of Time, Feel, Sound, Body and Mind, offering straightforward solutions that can be applied to any musical style.
easy rudimentsEasy Rudiments ($22.49)
This book teaches you the 15 most important rudiments in a fun and simple way. You’ll get exercises, play-along tracks, practice tips and how to use rudiments in real songs.

Novelty gifts

They may not make you a better drummer, but they sure are awesome. Here are some novelty gift ideas that’ll make any drummer’s life even more fun.

Drumstick Mixing Spoons ($13)
Drum on your pots and pans when you’re not stirring! Made of solid beechwood, each set of Mix Stix includes one slotted spoon and one solid spoon.
Drumstick Pencils ($10)
Doodle or drum; the choice is yours. Awesome as a stocking stuffer!
Zildjian Cymbal Mouse Pad ($13)
With a splash graphic on top and a padded underside, this mouse pad is the perfect symbol (yep) of your undying love for drums.
Zildjian Cymbal Clock ($65)
Because the most important thing about being a drummer is keeping time.
Reclaimed Cymbal Bottle Opener ($7-42)
Made from recycled cymbals, these bottle openers can be added to a keychain or necklace, or even fit inside your wallet. They look awesome and are great for breaking open a cold one!
Rockstix LED Drumsticks ($22)
Impress your friends! Confuse your pet! These color-changing polycarbonate drumsticks are motion-activated and look awesome in photos.
Drumeo Jokester T-Shirt ($21)
The best part about being a drummer is having the ability to play a drum fill after a joke whenever you want. Now you can get ‘ba dum tss’ on a shirt!
xmas sweaterDrumeo Yuletide Knit Sweater ($39)
Stay warm and celebrate the season with the Drumeo holiday sweater (click here for the matching socks and T-shirt).

If you still need more ideas for drummer gifts, you could also get them:

  • Concert tickets to see their favorite band or drummer
  • A music streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music
  • Private in-person drum lessons
  • A custom snare drum
  • Drumheads
  • Drum accessories

It can be tough to find a gift for that person who’s always tapping their foot. Whether you have a drummer in your life or you just feel like treating yourself this year, now’s the time to stock up on gifts any drum lover would be stoked on.

*This article contains affiliate links, which means we might earn a small commission from the product seller if you make a purchase. For more info, check out our privacy page.

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