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A StickBag you’ll want
to show your friends.

Crafted with input from gigging pros, the Drumeo StickBag features thoughtful details that will help you organize your tools and even save you mid-song.

  • drumeo stickbag

    Sweat, water and beer-proof.

    Your StickBag is made from waxed canvas – rugged cotton soaked in wax for extra strength and water resistance.

  • drumeo stickbag

    Flexible pockets for all your goodies.

    Drum keys, tuning gels, a Snickers bar? Flexible pockets let you jam all your goodies inside without losing its shape.

  • drumeo stickbag

    Zippers as tough as you are.

    Top-quality reinforced zippers make for a long-lasting stick bag – even when it’s jammed to the teeth with sticks, brushes, and mallets.

  • drumeo stickbag

    One in the chamber.

    An easy-access sleeve lets your “rescue stick” poke just out of your stick bag so you can make that quick grab mid-song.

  • drumeo stickbag

    Drum keychain (key included!)

    Finally, a drum key you won’t lose. Your StickBag includes a brushed pewter drum key that has its own little key ring to live inside your bag.

  • drumeo stickbag

    Premium Metal Tom Hooks

    No more tying your bag up with string. Your Drumeo StickBag includes sturdy metal loops that easily attach to any tom lugs.

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Brushes take the worst beating in conventional stick bags – and at $30+ a pop, it hurts even more.

The Drumeo StickBag features a custom brushes sleeve that keeps your brush wires straight and true. And when you’re at your kit, toss your brush sleeve under your hi-hat for easy access in any song.

It’s an all-new innovation on one of drumming’s oldest tools.

Your new favorite
piece of gear.


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Material Waxed Canvas & Suede Canvas Leather
Capacity 18 Pairs 24 Pairs 12 Pairs
Brush Sleeve
Dimensions 17.5” H x 16” W 20” H x 22” W 18” H x 16” W
Drum Key
Total $147 $104 $200

The last StickBag
you’ll ever need.

A bag built to take everything
from garage to stage.

Disclaimer: Sticks/Brushes are not included.

Your Drumeo StickBag is built with premium components to ensure a long-lasting home for your sticks wherever your drumming takes you.

Durable construction
Premium zippers
Quick-stick slot
Drum key
Cost $147
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