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Somebody had to do it.

For years, you’ve balanced your practice pad on your lap, coffee table, or worse… A standard snare stand with claws overhanging like a bad overbite 😬. So we engineered a custom stand that fits a practice pad perfectly:

  • drumeo padstand

    Shorter Claws.

    The PadStand features shorter claws to grip your practice pad perfectly with no overhang. That means you can practice your rudiments without dodging snare claws.

  • drumeo padstand

    Extended Height.

    Snare drums are deeper than practice pads – so why would you use the same stand? The PadStand is taller so you can sit up straight and run rudiments with perfect posture.

  • drumeo padstand

    Rotated Basket.

    And just in case you’re still worried about claws… the PadStand basket is rotated 90 degrees to ensure you can practice as ergonomically as possible.

  • drumeo padstand

    Lightweight & Portable.

    No more balancing your practice pad on a coffee table or hotel bed. The PadStand easily fits in your backpack or carry on for perfect practice sessions on the go.

  • drumeo padstand

    Cool Blue Tips.

    The basket and feet are in custom Drumeo blue so you’ll never confuse your PadStand for your snare stand.

Works with ALL 12” practice pads.

The Drumeo PadStand can be used with a QuietPad, P4, or any other 12” or smaller practice pad. Simply tighten the basket for the perfect fit.

Disclaimer: QuietPad/Sticks/Pad are not included.


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