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How do they prepare for a gig, what do they do for warmups, and why do they set up their kit that certain way?

Sure, you see them on Instagram. You get snippets of what happens before the show. But like any of our lives, it's the highlight reels -- and, well, you want more.

DrumeoCOACHES gives you unprecedented access to 10 world-renowned drummers in an intimate online platform -- with weekly live events, personalized feedback, and an ongoing connection to your drum heroes.

It’s your backstage pass, turning those fleeting moments into ongoing inspiration and support for your drumming journey.

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Hang with Larnell Lewis as he prepares for a studio session, watch Dorothea Taylor run her drumline warm ups, and get your biggest questions answered by… well, whichever coach you love the most!

DrumeoCOACHES are here to inform and inspire you with exclusive live events and personal support -- sharing their best advice to help you crush your drumming goals.

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Every week, you’ll have new opportunities to learn from your coaches. You can choose the topics that you need help with OR follow the coach that works with your style and what you want to achieve behind the drums. And you’ll always get the full recording so you never miss that ‘aha’ moment you’ve been waiting for.


Livestreams are here to give you a personalized BOOST of energy. Every DrumeoCOACH is hosting weekly livestreams to let loose with the Drumeo Edge community -- with drum-alongs, bootcamps, challenges, Q&A sessions, live performances, and … well, whatever! It’s all about hanging with the community!


This isn’t a “masterclass” experience where you get a recorded course and that’s that -- every DrumeoCOACH is a part of the Drumeo Edge experience: answering your questions, sharing their best advice for your specific situation, and cheering you along throughout your drumming journey!


We aren’t here to blast you with a firehose of information and make you sort through it. You’ll always have access to an organized curriculum for beginners, step-by-step artist courses on the topics that matter the most to you, and personalized support from the best drummers and teachers in the world.


Pop & Performance

Domino Santantonio took the world by storm in 2020. In less than a year, she amassed more than half a million TikTok followers by turning trending pop songs into infectious drum grooves.

When she’s not making viral TikTok videos, she’s touring with live pop acts and performing as a house drummer on nationally broadcast television shows.

She’s here to show you what the life of a pop drummer is like -- and to help you find YOUR spotlight.


Rudiments & Applications

John Wooton brings an accomplished academic background to your DrumeoCOACHES roster.

Holding a doctorate in musical arts from the University of Iowa, John blends theory with the application of drum rudiments. And he can do more than teach. John is a decorated drum corps snare drummer garnering national recognition for his talents.

You’ll be spending time with the professor, inside DrumeoCOACHES, getting John’s wisdom for buttery smooth chops.


Drumline Discipline

Dorothea Taylor spent the majority of her drum career out of the spotlight -- teaching lessons to budding Michigan drum students.

That’s until she partnered with Drumeo to create a powerful viral video addressing societal expectations in drumming culture -- shocking audiences with her (un)surprising command of a hard-rock anthem, garnering millions of views in two days.

Get ready to hang with one of the internet’s most renowned drum instructors and strengthen your hands with Dorothea’s go-to drumline workouts.


Musicality & Composition

Kaz Rodriguez brings more than an international touring resume with Grammy-nominee Josh Groban.

He produces some of the most in-demand play-along tracks in the drumming world -- with Anika Nilles, Chris Coleman, Aaron Spears and many more relying on his productions to showcase their skills.

And you’ll get to sit in with Kaz while he breaks down play alongs, discusses his creative process, and even help him write a brand new composition.


Philosophy & Mechanics

Todd Sucherman has played more than 2000 rock shows -- entertaining music fans around the world for 30+ years.

He’s a decorated clinician, winning multiple awards for his educational DVDs and enjoying a 20+ year tenure with the legendary rock band Styx.

Todd’s here to share the wisdom he’s amassed in an impressive career -- both on stage performing to the masses and in the studio dialing in that perfect sound.


Getting Started & Motivation

Jared Falk has been your trusted source for online drum lessons for 15+ years.

As the face of Drumeo, Jared is a pioneer of online drum instruction -- helping prospective drummers around the world learn their first beats and beyond.

His passion, grit, and approachable style have helped him become the most watched drum instructor online… ever! And now you’ll have exclusive access to ask him all your biggest questions -- from getting started to finding your unique voice on the drums.


Live Shows & Performance

Matt McGuire rose to fame posting the highest caliber drum remixes the internet has ever seen. In the process, he grabbed the attention of some of the world’s biggest acts -- including The Chainsmokers.

Now Matt tours the world with one of pop’s biggest groups as drummer, musical director, and stage designer.

Matt’s going to help you push your performances and unlock creativity, excitement, and musicianship in everything you do.


Exploring New Ideas

Sarah Thawer is a versatile session drummer & recording artist who has toured the world supplying dozens of artists with her rock solid backbeat and diverse stylistic flavors.

She doesn’t just play multiple styles of music. She immerses herself in the feel and culture -- allowing her to perform anything from hip-hop to Bollywood with expert authenticity.

Sarah has an infectious energy for all things percussion that’s guaranteed to get you pumped to get behind the kit.


Rock, Art, & Touring

Aric Improta is pushing the boundaries of drum performances. Look no further than his exhilarating backflips mid drum solo in front of thousands of screaming fans.

A dedicated artist, Aric uses his original music projects (Night Verses & Fever333) to deliver sensational visual performances to the masses.

And now he’s here to help you think outside the box with your drumming and question the implied “rules” that might be holding you back from your next creative breakthrough.


Musicianship & Groove

In 2015, Larnell Lewis boarded a plane to the Netherlands to fill in for one of his drumming heroes, Robert “Sput” Searight. The rest is history.

Larnell learned a complex fusion set during the flight and went on to record one of the most celebrated live albums of the 21st century: We Like It Here by Snarky Puppy.

He’s a Grammy Award-winning musician, composer, producer, and educator -- and he’s here to teach YOU.


Electric Drumming

Michael Schack does it all.

Massive festival stages, sweaty European dance clubs, and concert venues around the world.

And more than a performer, he’s a clinician and teacher who knows how to translate his insights into practical results you can use.

Michael’s going to be showing what he does best -- how to energize every performance and translate digital music into compelling acoustic performances.

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