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How To Make Drumless Tracks With The Moises App
Moises is an AI app for removing specific instruments from any song. Here's how to use it.

Drumeo Team  /  Drum Beats
How To Make Beats
Learn how to make beats and what tools to use if you're an aspiring producer, songwriter or drummer.

Drumeo Team  /  Beginner Lessons
The Best Drum Sets For Kids (2023)
Most of these drum sets are perfectly-sized for kids. Check out these reviews!

Drumeo Team  /  Gear
The Best Cymbals For Drummers (2023)
These are 20 of the best cymbals on the market today, reviewed by pro drummers.

Drumeo Team  /  Drummers
Red Hot Chili Peppers Drummer Chad Smith: Everything You Need To Know
Chad Smith has had a legendary drumming career playing with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and more. And he's a fun guy!

Drumeo Team  /  Beginner Lessons
Drums Vs. Guitar: Here’s The One You Should Learn
We break down all the pros and cons of learning drums vs. learning guitar. Let's settle it once and for all.

Drumeo Team  /  Beginner Lessons
23 Drumming Questions (Solved)
This resource answers the most commonly asked drumming questions.

Drumeo Team  /  Drummers
The Winners Of The 2022 Drumeo Awards
Finally, they're here: the winners of the 2022 Drumeo Awards!

Drumeo Team  /  Gear
The 5 Best Headphones For Drummers Under $300 (2023)
If you're having trouble choosing new headphones, here are the 5 best options for drummers.

Drumeo Team  /  Beginner Lessons
10+ Free Tools & Resources For Drummers
Here are 10 free tools to help any drummer learn, perform, or record drums better.

Drumeo Team  /  Drummers
The 2022 Drumeo “Drummer Of The Year” Awards
Vote for the top drummers of 2022 in this year's Drumeo Drummer Of The Year Awards!

Drumeo Team  /  Drummers
How To Play Four On The Floor
Learn how to play '4 on the floor', the most popular dance beat on earth.

Drumeo Team  /  Gear
The Different Types Of Drumsticks (And The Best To Buy)
Learn all about the different types of drumsticks - photos, videos, and examples included!

Drumeo Team  /  Practice Tips
7 Tips for Left-Handed Drummers
These 7 tips for left handed drumming will make it much easier to learn the drums.

Drumeo Team  /  Rudiment Applications
5 Easy Drum Rudiments For Beginners
These 5 easy drum rudiments are perfect for beginners - and they're the building blocks for everything else you'll learn on the drums.

Drumeo Team  /  Tutorials & Transcriptions
100+ Free Foo Fighters Songs (PDF Drum Notation)
Download over 100 free Foo Fighters drum song PDFs!

Drumeo Team  /  Gear
How To Set Up Your Double Bass Pedals
Learn (with detailed photos) how to set up and optimize your double bass pedals for any style of playing.

Drumeo Team  /  Drummers
Introducing 2022’s Featured Drumeo Coaches
From Aaron Spears to Jay Weinberg, the new Drumeo coaches are here and have a lot to teach you this year!

Drumeo Team  /  Drummers
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Drumeo
Where is Drumeo based? How long has Drumeo been around? And why is it called Drumeo? Read this!

Drumeo Team  /  Gear
History Of Electronic Drums Part 1: The First Electric Drum Sets
In this mini-documentary, you'll learn about the birth of electronic drums and how these early models worked.

Drumeo Team  /  Drummers
The Winners Of The 2021 Drumeo Awards
Your votes are in, and the winners of the 2021 Drumeo Awards are here!

Drumeo Team  /  Drummers
The Drumeo Legacy Awards
The Drumeo Legacy Awards honor modern drummers who embody the spirit of the legends.

Drumeo Team  /  Drummers
The Drumeo “Drummer Of The Year” Awards
Vote for your favorite drummers in the 2021 Drumeo Awards!

Drumeo Team  /  Gear
100+ Gifts For Drummers (2023)
These 100+ products make awesome gifts for drummers. Put a smile on someone's face at any budget!

Drumeo Team  /  Gear
The Ultimate Guide to Bass Drum Pedals
Buying a bass drum pedal but don't know where to start? This guide covers product suggestions, pedal anatomy and more.

Drumeo Team  /  Practice Tips
7 Reasons Drummers Should Learn Another Instrument
Drummers who also play piano, guitar, or sing are better at communicating musically, write better parts, and guess what else?

Drumeo Team  /  Drummers
Dave Grohl: 7 Reasons Why He’s A Drumming Genius
Dave Grohl's legendary drumming style has set him apart from the pack. Here are some examples of why he's one of rock's hall of famers.

Drumeo Team  /  Gear
The Best Beginner Drum Sets (2023)
These are the best beginner drum kits for new drummers (updated for 2023!) - plus their prices, features, and more.

Drumeo Team  /  Drum Fills
The World’s Longest Drum Fill…ON ICE!
125 drums. 3 drum sets. An ice rink. Ever seen someone skate and drum?

Drumeo Team  /  Gear
The Ultimate Guide To Drum Hardware
In the market for new drum hardware? Don't know the difference between single and double-braced stands? Check out this guide!

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