Upgrade your drum
throne in seconds.

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ONLY $149.00.
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The best seat
in the house.

As a drummer, you’re ALWAYS sitting.

Through every practice, rehearsal and gig, you’re constantly confined to your drum throne. Sometimes it’s great -- you have a built in place to chill out. But other times, it’s NOT.

Like when you hop on the drums after a long day sitting at work or in traffic and you just want to do the thing you love without nagging back, hip, or butt pain.

That’s why the fine folks at Drum Art created the Drumeo Comfort Cover.

Designed specifically for drummers, the Comfort Cover absorbs shock, distributes your weight evenly, and improves your posture behind the drums -- instantly giving you a comfier, healthier, better drumming experience.

One size fits any
round drum throne.

From the flimsy seat that came with your e-kit, to that beefy upgraded throne the pros use, the Comfort Cover gives any round drum seat a much-needed boost.



Every Comfort Cover is hand-made in Italy with a cool, breathable gel that conforms to your body for maximum comfort.


Absorbs shock, distributes weight evenly, and improves your posture. Long playing sessions have never felt better!


The Comfort Cover easily folds up and can be taken to any of your gigs or rehearsals -- making every drum throne feel like home.

Save your butt.

The Comfort Cover gives you a consistent foundation every time (and everywhere) you sit down to play the drums -- so you can play longer, harder, and in total comfort.

Made In Italy
Cost $149.00

Upgrade your drum
throne in seconds.

Get Comfy »

ONLY $149.00.
Or free with Drumeo

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Still have questions?

Does the Comfort Cover fit a tractor style seat?

No. The Comfort Cover slides over any round drum throne, but unfortunately no other shapes at this time.

Can I get a Comfort Cover shipped to [ insert country other than USA ]?

Yes. The Comfort Cover is changing the world one cushier tushy at a time. International shipping is available with varying rates by region. You will see your total shipping charge listed upon checkout.

Will the Comfort Cover replace my existing throne?

No! The Comfort Cover upgrades your existing round drum throne to a more comfortable drumming experience. Just slide it over top and start playing -- you’re ready to go in seconds.