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Drumeo Team  /  UPDATED Mar 22, 2024

brandon toews

Jared Falk

Jared is a drummer, educator, and the co-founder of Drumeo. For 20+ years, he’s been a leader in the online music education industry, publishing his first online video drum lessons in 2003 and founding Drumeo in 2012. In 2021, he launched Musora – a company that helps you learn to play music on the instrument you love.

Between Drumeo, Pianote, Guitareo and Singeo, Jared’s mission is to support musicians along their learning journey.

brandon toews drumeo

Brandon Toews

Brandon Toews is a drummer, author, educator, and content producer. He’s been creating and producing educational content for Drumeo since 2015—much of it in collaboration with the world’s top drummers, including Phil Collins (Genesis), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Jonathan Moffett (Michael Jackson; Madonna), Steve Smith (Journey; Vital Information), Simon Phillips (Toto; The Who; Jeff Beck), Hannah Welton (Prince), and Dennis Chambers (Parliament-Funkadelic; Santana). Brandon’s drumming videos have accumulated millions of views online and have been featured in digital publications of Billboard, Rolling Stone, Loudwire, and iHeartRadio.

Brandon is the author of The Drummer’s Toolbox, co-author of The Best Beginner Drum Book, and the Content Director at Musora – home to the award-winning online music education platforms Drumeo, Pianote, Guitareo and Singeo.

Brandon acquired his Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music from MacEwan University in Edmonton, Canada, with a major in Music Performance, and studied with notable educators and performers including Jared Falk (Drumeo), Colin Stranahan (Jonathan Kreisberg; Kurt Rosenwinkel), and Brian Thurgood (Edmonton Symphony Orchestra; MacEwan University).

dave atkinson

Dave Atkinson

Dave has helped thousands of students reach their goals on Drumeo, and through instructional programs “Drum Play-Along System” and “Bass Drum Secrets”. A precise double bass drummer and practice pad lover who manages Drumeo’s partnerships and content, Dave brings a fresh outlook to the world of education through his hybrid teaching style – combining the best that formal training has to offer with the creativity and resourcefulness of a self-taught drummer.

sam landa

Sam Landa

Sam is the editor of The Drumeo Beat, a free online drumming magazine brought to you by Drumeo. She currently drums with Detroit-based rock band Conquer Divide and has been featured by outlets such as Sick Drummer Magazine and DRUM! Magazine.

She’s also a judge for the Hit Like A Girl Contest, an international competition that promotes women and girls who drum.

Sam has toured as a session drummer with bands such as Nervosa and Introtyl, playing in 20+ countries around North America and Europe. She endorses Mapex Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Evans Drumheads and Los Cabos Drumsticks.

Drumeo Team - We're professional, award-winning drummers and drum teachers, coaches, recording artists, and content specialists who are passionate about drums and helping drummers around the world. This post was written and/or edited by Sam Landa, Brandon Toews, Jared Falk, Dave Atkinson, or another pro on our team (which has a combined 1000+ years of drumming experience). Are you looking for inspiration, education, and support to take your playing to the next level? Join the Drumeo community today!

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