Better drum sounds
in seconds.


GET A 4-PACK FOR ONLY $72 $55 (SAVE 24%)

Flexible drum tones
on the fly.

You know the feeling. You’ve almost got your drums sounding exactly how you want, but there’s an uneven warble or obnoxious ring -- these are called overtones. The Drumeo Tone Control Kit helps you balance overtones with four adjustable levels of dampening in one simple system.


Cleaner than Buddy’s
double strokes.

The Drumeo Tone Control Kit is the cleanest solution to drum dampening-- so your drum heads can be spared the oily residues and sticky messes from traditional dampening methods.

Let your drums breathe.

Because the Tone Control Kit doesn't stick to the surface of your drumheads, the head gets a chance to breathe between strokes, retaining its natural pitch & feel.

Set it and forget it --
Drummer’s Edition.

Each Tone Control strip securely fastens to any metal hoop and can be left on during transport. No more worrying about that perfectly placed gel or tape falling off.

Zero maintenance.

The Tone Control Kit is made of durable leather & magnets that won’t wear out, get dirty, or get thrown out with your drum heads.

The all-in-one kit.

The Drumeo Tone Control Kit includes a snare + three tom dampeners, and one handy canvas carrying case -- everything you need to make your kit sing.

Snare dampener 1
Tom dampeners 3
Carrying Case
Cost $72

GET A 4-PACK FOR ONLY $72 $55 (SAVE 24%)

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