Sarah Thawer  /  Featured Stories
Color Outside The Lines
By becoming her own cheerleader and carving out her own niche, Sarah Thawer has become one of today's most versatile drummers.

Diego Cardini  /  Articles
How Drummers Can Grow Their Following Online
If you want to reach more people with your drumming, here are some tips from the business world.

João Lebre  /  Articles
The Ultimate Guide To Drum Samples
This guide covers everything you need to know about drum samples - and then some!

Samantha Landa  /  Articles
How To Be A Supernatural Drummer
If you're an extraordinary drummer, you may want to read this. Happy Halloween!

Rob Mitzner  /  Articles
The Beginner’s Guide To Recording Drums
Want to learn to record drums at home but don't know where to start? Click here for the basics.

Brandon Toews  /  Articles
The 20 Most Recognizable Drum Beats Of All Time
If you heard a drummer playing these beats, you'd probably recognize the song.

JJ Jones  /  Articles
How To Solve 5 Common Drumming Problems
Why do I keep cracking cymbals? Why are my stands falling over? How do I stop the snare buzzing when I hit the toms? Find out here!

Dom Famularo  /  Featured Stories
The Grass Is Greenest Under Your Feet
Dom Famularo, drumming's global ambassador, used to have a stammer and low self-esteem. He explains why you should live in the now.

JJ Jones  /  Articles
How To Play Rudiments
How do you play a drum roll? What's a paradiddle? Learn the basic rudiments, why they're important, and how to apply them on the kit.

Dorothea Taylor  /  Featured Stories
The Drum Set Can Wait
Dorothea cut her teeth in an award-winning Michigan drum corps in the '60s. Here's why she's glad she didn't start on the drum set.

JJ Jones  /  Articles
Drum Beats Everyone Should Know
A well-rounded drummer should know the most popular beats in most styles. Here's a quick rundown!

JJ Jones  /  Articles
Why You Should Buy Electronic Drums
What are the benefits to electronic drums, and what should you know about them before pulling out your wallet?

Anika Nilles  /  Featured Stories
It’s Never Too Late
Anika Nilles dealt with confidence issues and multiple failures on her way to becoming a pro drummer. It's never too late.

JJ Jones  /  Articles
Drum Fills To Learn At Every Level
Many of these drum fills have stood the test of time. Now you can steal them for your toolbox!

JJ Jones  /  Articles
Where To Find Drumless Tracks/Play-Alongs (Plus Free Downloads)
You can find drumless songs and play-along tracks online to make practice more fun. Here's where to look!

Aric Improta  /  Featured Stories
It Wasn’t The Right Time
Five 'lost' drum-offs. Sketchy sleeping quarters. Three canceled tours. Aric Improta had to be patient before he finally struck gold.

Samantha Landa  /  Articles
Tips For Drummer Dads
How can dads find time to play drums? How can you keep the volume down at home? Check out this special Father's Day article.

Chris Coleman  /  Featured Stories
Use Your Pain As Fuel
Chris Coleman tried to kill his passion for drums. Winning the Guitar Center Drum-Off helped him see the light in the darkness.

JJ Jones  /  Articles
How To Prepare For Your First Gig 
If you're feeling nervous about playing in front of an audience for the first time, here are some tips to keep you calm and organized.

Aquiles Priester  /  Featured Stories
It’s Not The Gear’s Fault
Aquiles Priester couldn't afford a drum kit, so he built one out of cans and gas gallons. It taught him to become a gear chameleon.

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