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Todd Sucherman  /  Full Lessons
The Most Influential Drummers Of All Time
Todd Sucherman highlights some of the most influential drummers of all time and shows some of his favorite licks from each.

Todd Sucherman  /  Songs
We Dared Todd Sucherman To Play A Foo Fighters Song After Hearing It Once
Todd Sucherman tried playing Foo Fighters' "Rope" after hearing it just once. How did he do?

Todd Sucherman  /  Performances & Playalongs
How Todd Sucherman Writes Musical Drum Solos
Todd Sucherman breaks out a musical, groovy drum solo before explaining how he put it together.

Todd Sucherman  /  Song Tips
The 5 Most Important Tips For Rock Drummers
Todd Sucherman shares 5 tips every rock drummer should know. And not just any old tips, either!

Todd Sucherman  /  Performances & Playalongs
Todd Sucherman Performs “Gone Gone Gone” By Styx
In this impossible mountaintop video, Todd Sucherman of Styx performs "Gone Gone Gone" off Styx's 2017 release, The Mission. 

Todd Sucherman  /  Feature Stories
Make The Right Turn
Todd Sucherman joined Styx under stressful circumstances. Find out how everything he'd done in his career led up to this big opportunity.

Todd Sucherman  /  Rudiment Applications
Flattened Flam Rudiments For Better Drum Solos
Check out some of the cool rudiments Todd used to build his Drumeo solo: flattened flam accents, pataflaflas, and flam taps.

Todd Sucherman  /  Performances & Playalongs
How To Play A Rock Ballad Like A Pro
Want to learn how to play a rock ballad like a pro? Follow these three tips and watch Todd Sucherman perform on top of a mountain.

Todd Sucherman  /  Performances & Playalongs
Drum Solo in 7/8 by Todd Sucherman
Todd Sucherman's original Drumeo solo absolutely blew up across social media when he first came to our studio in 2017, so we're super stoked to bring you another solo by Todd (in a slightly different location this time).

Todd Sucherman  /  Practice Tips
The Rock Star Drum Warm-Up
When you're on the road for eight months a year and play upwards of 150 shows as Todd Sucherman does, it's crucial to have a warm-up routine that helps you stay loose and avoid injuries.

Todd Sucherman  /  Hand Technique
The Mystery Of Ghost Notes
Todd Sucherman wants to share a personal story of how he first understood the application of ghost notes which resulted in a huge breakthrough in his drumming.

Todd Sucherman  /  Drummers
A Day In The Life Of Todd Sucherman
Ever wonder what it's like to be a drummer in a touring band that's on the road for eight months a year and plays 150 shows? We took a trip down to Tulalip, Washington to meet up with Todd Sucherman of Styx and see what a day in the life looks like for one of the best rock drummers in the world.

Todd Sucherman  /  Drum Beats
The Nearly Impossible Drum Lick
Years ago Todd Sucherman was hanging out and trading drum licks with Steve Smith. Here's the one that even Todd found challenging.

Todd Sucherman  /  Performances & Playalongs
Todd Sucherman Playing Drums On A Mountain
It's not every day that you haul a drum kit, a full audio setup, and one of the best rock drummers in the world into two helicopters and fly into the mountain.

Todd Sucherman  /  Performances & Playalongs
The Most Epic Drum
Video We’ve Ever Made

We took two helicopters, a beautiful Pearl kit, and one of the best rock drummers of all time into the mountains of British Columbia - in the pouring rain!

Todd Sucherman  /  Song Tips
The Biggest Rock Drumming Myths
We asked Todd to come up with three common myths among drummers (which especially apply to rock music).

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