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Dorothea Taylor  /  Rudiment Applications
Use These 5 Underrated Rudiments To Level Up Your Drum Fills
Try turning these 5 underrated (but awesome) rudiments into drum fills. You won't regret it!

Dorothea Taylor  /  Drummers
Did Nick Cannon Actually Play Drums In The Drumline Movie?
"Did he really play that?" Pro drumline drummer, Dorothea Taylor, reacts to scenes from the 2002 film "Drumline".

Dorothea Taylor  /  Rudiment Applications
16 Ways To Level Up Your Stick Control With Paradiddles
Play faster, tighter, and with more stick control by learning these paradiddle variations.

Dorothea Taylor  /  Performances & Playalongs
The Godmother Of Drumming Plays “What’s My Age Again?”
Rudiments in punk rock? Grandma drummers? Let's crush all the stereotypes in one video.

Dorothea Taylor  /  Feature Stories
The Drum Set Can Wait
Dorothea cut her teeth in an award-winning Michigan drum corps in the '60s. Here's why she's glad she didn't start on the drum set.

Dorothea Taylor  /  Practice Tips
3 Drumline-Inspired Warmups For Every Drummer
These warmups will get your hands in top shape - even if you aren't a marching drummer. Try them with a friend!

Dorothea Taylor  /  Practice Tips
The Practice Pad Egg Challenge
We'll see just how good your dynamics and control really are when you introduce a raw egg into the equation.

Dorothea Taylor  /  Full Lessons
Why Paradiddles Are So Important
Dorothea Taylor - aka 'The Godmother of Drumming' - explains why paradiddles are important and shows how to make practicing them fun.

Dorothea Taylor  /  Performances & Playalongs
The Godmother Of Drumming Plays “Down With The Sickness”
Don't judge a drummer by how they look. Dorothea Taylor has heard it all!

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