Use These 5 Underrated Rudiments To Level Up Your Drum Fills

Dorothea Taylor  /  Quick Tips  /  Jul 15, 2022

Have you been writing the same drum parts over and over again? Are you looking for some new patterns to add to your arsenal?

You’re in luck: the answer to your problem was right under your nose this entire time.

Resource: The 40 Drum Rudiments

In this quick video lesson, Dorothea Taylor shares five less-popular rudiments that you can use to build into your drum parts.

Dorothea has decades of experience teaching and playing marching snare. These rudiments deserve more love, and they may be just what you need to upgrade your drum fills (and beats and solos), whether you keep them on the snare drum or move them down the toms:

1. Single Ratamacue

The single ratamacue pattern sounds like ‘ra-ta-ma-CUE’, with an accent at the end. Make sure you get a nice clean drag on those grace notes.

2. Swiss Army Triplets

Flam-right-left. That’s the Swiss Army Triplet!

3. Double Drag Tap

It’s in the name: two drags and a tap. Double Drag Tap.

4. Drag Paradiddle #1

Drag Paradiddle #1 starts with a single stroke. Then a drag takes you into the paradiddle.

5. Grandma’s

This hybrid rudiment (meaning it’s not found on the list of 40 standard rudiments) consists of a paradiddle with an accent on the second note, followed by an accented tap.

Remember to practice all of these slowly and regularly until you have them clean and tight.

Dorothea has a ton of rudiment-focused lessons (and more) in the Drumeo members area. Get a free trial here!

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