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Aaron Edgar  /  Drummers
Meshuggah’s Tomas Haake: 5 Reasons He’s A Drumming Genius
Meshuggah drummer Tomas Haake helped pioneer a metal subgenre and create one of the most recognizable kick patterns of all time.

Aaron Edgar  /  Drummers
Vinnie Paul: 5 Reasons The Pantera Drummer Was A Genius
Looking at his work in Pantera, Damageplan, Hellyeah and Rebel Meets Rebel, here are 5 reasons why Vinnie Paul was a drumming genius.

Aaron Edgar  /  Tutorials & Transcriptions
5 Double Kick Songs For Beginners
If you're new to double bass, you should still be able to play these fun beginner-friendly songs. Just start slow!

Aaron Edgar  /  Drum Beats
The 5 Best Double Bass Songs
Learn the 5 most impactful and defining double bass grooves in metal - and how to play them.

Aaron Edgar  /  Foot Technique
Use ‘Groove Glue’ To Anchor Your Playing
Whether it's your left foot or right hand, a rock solid groove foundation will help you take your drumming to the next level.

Aaron Edgar  /  Practice Tips
Why You Shouldn’t Just Practice What’s Practical
You've probably been told over and over again that you should focus on practical drumming. Here's why you should be a rebel instead.

Aaron Edgar  /  Gear
Are Triggers Cheating?
Triggers can be used to sample sounds, control lights, and much more. So why do they still bother some people?

Aaron Edgar  /  Health
Working Through An Injury
Following a knee injury, it turned out that being extra careful actually made drumming easier.

Aaron Edgar  /  Tutorials & Transcriptions
How To Play “Jambi” By Tool
Polyrhythms aren't just for advanced drummers! In this video, you'll learn to nail the main pattern in "Jambi" in four steps.

Aaron Edgar  /  Tutorials & Transcriptions
How To Play “Invincible” by Tool
In this video, we break down the 7 over 3 polyrhythm from "Invincible" off Tool's long-awaited new album, Fear Inoculum.

Aaron Edgar  /  Mental Health
5 Books Every Drummer Should Read
Whether it's about the art of drumming, getting into the right mindset, or setting goals, these are the books that could change your life as a drummer.

Aaron Edgar  /  Practice Tips
Why You Should Drum
Outside The Box

Is there such a thing as "no wrong notes"? Aaron Edgar explains why you shouldn't be afraid to explore unconventional rhythms.

Aaron Edgar  /  Gear
Drum Setup Rules You Should Probably Break
If your drums are comfortable to play, there's no wrong way to set them up. Here are some 'rules' about drum setup you should probably break.

Aaron Edgar  /  Gear
How To Stop Your Pedals From Sliding
Imagine your slave pedal sliding forward during a long double bass run. Here's how to prevent it!

Aaron Edgar  /  Drum Beats
10 Fun Intermediate Drum Beats
Try these fun intermediate drum beats to break you out of your beginner's rut.

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