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Creating Your Own Success As A Modern Drummer | Drumeo Podcast | Episode #29

In this podcast, Jessica Burdeaux will share a few tips and tricks based on the success she found in social media, to help you build your own following so you can strengthen, propel, or kickstart your drumming career.

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Drum Recording Tips From Victor Guidera | Drumeo Podcast | Episode #28

A big reason for Drumeo’s successful video lessons is the audio and video quality. In this episode of the podcast, Jared sits down with Victor Guidera to discuss our best recording tips for drummers. Home recording is getting easier due to new technology, so any drummer will find these tips helpful, whether you record on your smartphone or have an expensive studio.

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How Drumsticks Are Made

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The good folks over at Pro-Mark and D’Addario were kind enough to give us a tour of their factory so we could learn exactly what goes into making the perfect drumstick. You’ll see the processes for cutting, grading, sorting, drying, grinding, finishing, inspecting, and pitch matching (yeah… There are a lot of steps).

From tree trunk to drumstick, all the steps in between can be found right here.

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“Brooklyn Phunk” Drum Play-Along by Pat Petrillo

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“Brooklyn Phunk” is a song written by Pat Petrillo (with Oz Noy on guitar and James Genis on bass) that features a smooth blend of rock, funk, blues, and a New Orleans influenced sound. The goal of this play-along is to get you playing in that “in-between” straight and swung feel. Make sure you download the MP3 tracks below and the two notated drum beats!

Download the resources:

World class drummer and educator Pat Petrillo is known for his deep sense of groove, uncanny technical ability, and versatility to cover any musical situation – as evidenced by his performances with including Patti LaBelle, Gloria Gaynor, Constantine Maroulis, and Debbie Gibson.

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