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We Made A Kids Drum Set Sound Amazing

Jared Falk  /  UPDATED May 31, 2023

Can you buy a toy drum set for fifty bucks and make it sound better than plastic containers and tin cans?

The answer is yes.

In order to turn this kids drum kit into a recording monster, we needed a pro audio engineer to get there. But we didn’t need the mighty Victor Guidera to improve the sound a whopping 200% (estimated statistic – don’t come for us). Tuning and muffling did a lot for this kit’s glow-up.

You’ll see in the video how you can transform a cheap toy into a recordable kit. Here’s what we did:

These cheap kits may not sound great, but they’re useful for teaching kids the basics of drumming, giving them a way to blow off steam, and get them excited to rock out. That’s $50 well spent!

Or…you know…you could make your own homemade drum set for them to play with.

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Jared Falk is a lifelong drummer, drum teacher, and the co-founder of Drumeo. For over 18 years, Jared has been a leader in the online music education industry, publishing his first online video lessons in 2003 and founding Musora in 2005.

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