Can you buy a toy drum set for fifty bucks and make it sound better than plastic containers and tin cans?

The answer is yes.

In order to turn this kids drum kit into a recording monster, we needed a pro audio engineer to get there. But we didn’t need the mighty Victor Guidera to improve the sound a whopping 200% (estimated statistic – don’t come for us). Tuning and muffling did a lot for this kit’s glow-up.

You’ll see in the video how you can transform a cheap toy into a recordable kit. Here’s what we did:

  • Tune the drumheads
  • Add muffling (gaffer tape comes off nice and clean – like painter’s tape!)
  • Add mics: We used a Solomon LoFReQ Subkick (to help add low end to that small, tinny kick), a Sennheiser e602 on the bass drum, an Earthworks SR20LS on the snare drum, and an Earthworks DM20 on the tom
  • Mix the audio (you can use sound augmentation to improve it even more)

These cheap kits may not sound great, but they’re useful for teaching kids the basics of drumming, giving them a way to blow off steam, and get them excited to rock out. That’s $50 well spent!

Or…you know…you could make your own homemade drum set for them to play with.

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