How To Make A Homemade
Drum Set

Carson Gant  /  Quick Tips / Aug 1

Nothing beats playing a real drum set, but it isn’t always possible to have one at home. Here are three makeshift drum sets to get the kids jamming without spending a dime:

1. Couch drums

Why a couch? Because they can take a beating and you probably have one at home. Set up a few things in whacking distance, like a pillow (for the kick drum sound) and a notebook (for the snare drum sound).

2. Pots and pans

You can always build the classic pots and pans kit. Use wooden spoons as drumsticks, and let your kid go wild on whatever configuration of metal pots and pans and plastic bowls give them the sounds they like.

3. Body drums

You don’t need anything to turn your body into a drum kit. Show them stomping, clapping, snapping, or tapping their chest and legs. You can get a nice kick drum thump on the chest, and a solid snare on the leg. Let them experiment and find unique sounds from high to low.

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