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How To Teach Kids Simple Rhythms

Carson Gant  /  UPDATED Jul 14, 2023

Looking for a fun way to teach kids rhythms? Whether it’s on or off the drum kit, here are two tricks you can try:

“Strawberry watermelon”

Cool rhythms can come from the most ridiculous conversations. Come up with patterns that match a word’s rhythms and syllables (think ‘salt peanuts’)! Ask them for their favorite fruit or food.

Watermelon? That’s four even syllables, so you might play ‘right left right left’ on the snare.
Chocolate cake? You might play with your hands together on the snare and floor tom.

Next, try it with two foods. You never know what kind of crazy combination of rhythms you’ll get:

Watermelon watermelon chocolate cake: RLRLRLRL R R R
Strawberry shortcake rhubarb pie: R LR L L R R R

(R = right hand, L = left hand)

Since the patterns are connected to things your kid knows and loves, they can start playing tricky stuff right from the start. It doesn’t need to be their favorite food; you can ask for their favorite animal or dinosaur. The more ridiculous the answer, the more wild the rhythm becomes.

Stomps and claps

Another way to get the kids learning rhythms is to stomp and clap together to their favorite songs. In The Rhythmic Adventures of Captain Carson, we stomp and clap to match the rhythms we hear in the song. You can do it with your favorite tracks, too – why not make it fun for both of you?

Download the Drumeo Kids app or check out all of the episodes in the Drumeo members area!

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Carson Gant wants you to one-up what you already know by exploring new, creative approaches while expanding your knowledge in the process. A trailblazer when it comes to the fun and relaxed way he teaches concepts, Carson was born to make people smile as they become better musicians with his help.

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