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Larnell Lewis  /  Performances & Playalongs
The Right Way To Write A Drum Solo (Larnell Lewis)
Larnell is back with a solo that every drummer could learn from!

Larnell Lewis  /  Song Tips
Larnell Lewis Hears “Enter Sandman” For The First Time And Nails It
Larnell Lewis has never heard "Enter Sandman" by Metallica. He isn't a metal drummer. But today he's going to learn and play it on the spot!

Larnell Lewis  /  Performances & Playalongs
Larnell Lewis “What About Me” Drum Playthrough
Larnell Lewis plays through "What About Me" by Snarky Puppy, a song he had 24 hours to learn before recording the album.

Larnell Lewis  /  Drummers
Larnell Lewis Reacts To Snarky Puppy Drum Covers
Imagine uploading a drum cover and having the actual drummer react to your performance. Watch this!

Larnell Lewis  /  Gear
Larnell Lewis’ Secret ‘Snare-Tom’
What if you could have a second snare drum without increasing your kit size? Introducing Larnell Lewis' snare-tom!

Larnell Lewis  /  Song Tips
Can You Learn A Song By Ear This Quickly?
Want to see Larnell Lewis hear a drumless song TWICE and nail it on his first run through? Hit that play button!

Larnell Lewis  /  Foot Technique
Larnell’s Trick To Fast Feet
Larnell Lewis's amazing foot technique allows him to play doubles and triples with ease. What's the secret to his incredible control?

Larnell Lewis  /  Gear
Add Delay To Your Drums With The Yamaha EAD10
Watch how Larnell Lewis adds delay to his drums with the EAD10!

Larnell Lewis  /  Performances & Playalongs
This Drummer Sounds Like 10 Drummers
Watch Larnell Lewis build a loop, adding more layers and effects until it sounds like ten drummers!

Larnell Lewis  /  Drum Fills
How To Build Epic, Kick-Driven Fills
In this incredible lesson, Larnell Lewis demonstrates how to build epic, killer fills powered by the kick drum.

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