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5 Videos of Anika Nilles Every Drummer Should Watch

Drumeo Team  /  UPDATED Mar 6, 2023

How did Anika Nilles go from a contender in the 2014 Hit Like A Girl Contest to winning the 2014 Drummies Award for Best Up-And-Coming Drummer, being a featured guest at Meinl drum clinics and festivals, and earning millions of views on her YouTube channel?

Here are five videos that show you why:

Wild Boy – Her submission for the finals of the 2014 Hit Like A Girl Contest. Anika left the judges commenting that “she looks so comfortable”, “she sounds like a professional”, and “Anika is going to be one of those diamonds in the rough”.

Alter Ego – The video that started her rise to stardom! This original song written by Anika has more than a million views and pushed her into the spotlight and kickstarted her career in the music business. It captivated audiences not only because of her precise, complex playing, but also her song writing.

Chary Life – Yet another original tune by Anika (seeing a trend here?), performed at the 2015 Meinl Drum Festival. In the same style as her two previous songs, Chary Life solidified Anika’s status of being able to consistently put out catchy, groovy songs.

Have You – Played with her new band, Nevell! With their new album set to release by early 2016, this song gives us a great taste of what we can expect. With a tour following soon after, Anika will be on stage performing the new songs with bandmates Frank Itt (bass guitar), Joachim Schneiss (guitars), and Daniel Hofstaetter (keys).

Synergy – Her latest release! Similar to her previous songs, this tune contains elements of pop, rock, and fusion while still having its own stamp of originality. Synergy will be appearing on her upcoming album!

Anika plays:
Meinl Cymbals:
Mapex Drums:
Evans Drumheads:
Vic Firth Sticks:

Follow Anika:

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