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Here it is! Our highly anticipated, hour-long live event with Anika Nilles! In this lesson, Anika dives into the topic of quintuplets – an area not many drummers have attempted to tackle. She also performs many of her own songs, including her newly released track “Synergy”!

REMEMBER! Leave a comment on YouTube telling us what your favourite part of the lesson was. We’ll pick a winner at random to receive a 10″ Meinl Extra Dry splash SIGNED by Anika herself! And definitely checkout our previous post, “5 Videos of Anika Nilles Every Drummer Should Watch”, by clicking here!

Lesson index:
00:13 – “Wild Boy” by Anika Nilles
5:14 – Introduction
9:21 – “Chary Life” by Anika Nilles
14:19 – Exploring Quintuplets
35:27 – “Queenz” by Anika Nilles
39:55 – Q & A
52:12 – “Synergy” by Anika Nilles

Anika plays:
Meinl Cymbals:
Mapex Drums:
Evans Drumheads:
Vic Firth Sticks:

Follow Anika:

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