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The Oldest Stick Trick In The Book

Chip Ritter  /  UPDATED Mar 13, 2023

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Ever since we launched Chip Ritter’s Drumeo lesson, our students have been asking for even more stick tricks!

This trick, named the “fakey spin”, is arguably the oldest trick drummers began to use to enhance their showmanship. Chip goes through each individual step you need to practice in order to start performing it seamlessly and start incorporating it into your playing.

Chip Plays:
Trick Drums
Paiste Cymbals
Aquarian Drumheads
Vic Firth Drumsticks
Latin Percussion

Jared Falk is a lifelong drummer, drum teacher, and the co-founder of Drumeo. For over 18 years, Jared has been a leader in the online music education industry, publishing his first online video lessons in 2003 and founding Musora in 2005.

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