Stick Tricks To Impress Your Friends

Chip Ritter  /  Featured Lessons / Feb 8

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Technique and musicality are both important aspects to focus on in your drumming, but sometimes it’s fun to take a break and focus on the visual aspect of your playing. Chip Ritter has been twirling and tossing his sticks for well over a decade now, so we knew he was well equipped to teach this lesson.

Lesson Index:
0:06 – Drumeo Play-Along “Funky Walker”
2:45 – Introduction
4:48 – Giveaway Details!
6:23 – Why Stick Tricks?
7:56 – Trick #1
14:33 – Trick #2
22:18 – Trick #3
29:36 – Trick #4
37:28 – Trick #5
46:58 – Q & A!
56:56 – “ABC” cover by 22 Black

Chip Plays:
Trick Drums
Paiste Cymbals
Aquarian Drumheads
Vic Firth Drumsticks
Latin Percussion

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