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We’re back with another blindfold challenge! You know Jared, and now you know Bruce Becker, the technique guru and mastermind behind Drum Technique Made Easy, but do you know a 12″ tom when you hear it?

When we’re talking about food and wine, it’s often said we “taste with our eyes”. If it looks amazing, we assume it’s going to taste amazing, too. Our brain can even convince us something tastes better simply because we like what we see.

This phenomenon definitely plays a role when it comes to making decisions about drum equipment. In this blindfold challenge, we wanted to control variables like brand, price, and finish, and choose which drum sounds best based purely on how it sounds.

We chose 12″ toms from three different brands. Each drum has the same head, the same width and depth, and the same tension (thanks, DrumDial). Here’s what we were working with:

12″ x 10″ DW Design Series
12″ x 10″ Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple
12″ x 10″ Camco Oaklawn 60s

Are you ready to test your ear palette? Play along by closing your eyes at 1:41, and opening them at 4:50 for the big reveal.

Did you guess right? Which tom did you like best? If you liked this challenge, see if you can correctly guess the drums we used in our snare drum challenge.



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