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Name that drum!

Musicians sometimes ‘taste with our eyes’, hearing quality based on how a drum looks, not necessarily how it sounds.

In this challenge, Jared Falk teamed up with technique guru Bruce Becker (of Drum Technique Made Easy) to see if they could identify the following three snares while blindfolded:

5.5 x 14 DW design series snare
5.5 x 14 Yamaha Recording Custom 20th Anniversary snare
6.5 x 14 Ludwig Supraphonic steel snare

To control some of the variables, all snares have the same Evans G2 head, and they all have the exact same tension.

While Bruce is experienced with DW and Jared often plays Yamaha, both found themselves surprised during this challenge. Will they come out on top? Can they distinguish what they hear in each drum? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

Test your ears and play along! Make sure you close your eyes and listen, and we reveal the answers at the 5:30 mark.

How did you do? Which snare is your favorite?


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