Learn How To Play “Separate Ways” On Drums (By The Guy Who Wrote The Part)

Steve Smith  /  Performances  /  Aug 5, 2022

“‘Separate Ways’ was a song we put together knowing we were going to be playing in large arenas and stadiums, so we wanted a song that had a powerful hook, a big sound, and had the effect to really rock the house.”

Steve Smith wrote and recorded the drum parts on the track back in the early ’80s. It’s since become a legendary song (it even got the remix treatment in season 4 of Stranger Things) with a ton of different fills. In this video, the former Journey drummer breaks down each part and plays through the full tune.

You’ll see:

  • How Steve used different toms to make one part more melodic
  • An overview of the big fills in the middle section
  • How adding the snare on beat 2 adds energy and drive

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