Emmanuelle Caplette Drums Us Into Outer Space

Emmanuelle Caplette  /  Performances  /  Jul 30, 2021

Who’s got the fastest hands in the west?

Let’s be honest…Emmanuelle Caplette would probably be quickest on the draw at a blazing sundown shootout. As one of those incredible rudimental drummers who also dominates on the drum kit (with serious amounts of energy and passion) she’s a drummer we’ve been hoping to coax out to the studio forever!

From launching her drumming journey at the age of 9 to becoming an award-winning performer with stints on The Late Show With Seth Meyers and at some of the world’s biggest drum festivals, Emmanuelle is a force to be reckoned with.

She gets right down to business in this performance video of “From The Satellite” by Damien Schmitt: a fast, upbeat tune she covered almost 10 years ago but decided to revisit with a fresh take.

Check out the drum & bass style licks and the double hi-hat/double snare action. But if you’re going to notice anything about Emmanuelle’s playing, it’s just how damn clean she is. Enjoy!

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